Fire Over Thunder

Swiftly go, do not stay your hand now,
these are not times of speculation and idle discussions.
The sun is waning faster than you can run to catch your shadow.
It will come up again tomorrow,
but the world it lights will not be the same.
Make your jaw set, your eyes glaring, your brow resolute.
There is no one else who will step in, it is you who must be the one.
There will be no speeches stirring your heart to courage;
there will be no proclamations of great expectations
to spark your faith.
Do not listen for warm voices to whisper your soul to love!
There will only be the pressure of silence in your ears.
Teach your own soul to love with mission: fierce! Relentless!
Charge ahead without pause, without doubt;
Burn the Soulfire!
Do not be miserly, do not spare fuel,
Stoke it high, blaze it hotter! You will need it.
Your hands must bear the pain from holding the reins,
these are your horses.
No one else knows how to drive them.
Bear your teeth now, these are days of grit;
Go swiftly!