Bullies Are Full Of Fear

People with domination/bully issues typically don't stand up against bullies, they don't stand up FOR other people against bullies, and they attack people who they think are NOT likely to smash them back down.
They attack, disrespect, and "blow off" those they believe to be less powerful than themselves either socially, physically, financially, or politically, and ALSO those who they think will NOT retaliate because of values and ethics.
(That's why they usually attack/blow off/disrespect/slander those in their own family, or those they've gotten to know. They have gauged the person to be either unable or UNWILLING to retaliate against them.)

Those they actually FEAR, however, either socially or physically, they will continue to treat with the most courteous "respect and civility", regardless of the person's actions or attitude.

"Bullies" don't know the difference between respect and fear, or that there even IS a difference.
Most bullies think that the only reason a person does not retaliate against them is because of fear; they don't understand "values" or "empathy", so they can't factor them in.

Tragically, their children often miss out on learning the difference as well, because they're learning from the adults in their lives.
If children don't ever come across adults who are willing and able to guide them in ethics, values, and boundaries, their chances of ever learning are next to nil.

Gossip, Slander, Attention Whores

Whether a negative story about another person is true or not, it's slander if it's used as an excuse to treat the person poorly, and as a way to destroy their reputation in a family, a community, or a business. People who gossip and slander DON'T CARE if something is true or not, and they certainly don't "check their facts". People who trash others behind their backs and who spread rumors are after one thing: ATTENTION. Those who go around calling another a 'drama queen' are the real thing."

Image, Status, Acceptance, and Sexism

Narcissism, Sexism, and Racism go hand in hand because they have the same source:
This is just another IMAGE and STATUS issue.

The boy who used to be your best friend for years stopped hanging out with you... and started hanging out with people you didn't really know, and who didn't include you or act polite toward you.
Ever wonder WHY?
Did you have a serious "falling out", where you did something terrible to him? Or did he just kind of spend less time with you, and more and more time without you, with other people?
Did he act like you were the one who did something "wrong", but offered no valid explanation?

People with Ego and Narcissism issues do this all the time to people they've been friends with for years, family members they used to be close to, and also coworkers, club members, anywhere there are other people.

They suddenly "CHANGE", because their real goal and desire is to be SEEN AS A MEMBER OF A GROUP WITH "POWER", or "POPULARITY", or "ACCEPTANCE".
They will simply DISCARD, shun, "blow off", even slander or ostracize their former "best friend", partner, or family member because that person doesn't FIT IN WITH THIS GROUP.

The person is not the RIGHT SEX or the RIGHT RACE, or even the RIGHT HEIGHT or WEIGHT, or FINANCIAL STANDING.
Or whatever else the group is "all about".

ADDITIONALLY, a "best friend", partner, or family member will be "discarded" and excluded because someone in the GROUP is JEALOUS or ENVIOUS of them, and won't allow their inclusion. So the person trying to be accepted by them "cuts them loose" like extra weight, or TURNS ON THEM like they're suddenly a burdensome growth...

If this has happened to you (and it has happened at some point to MOST OF US, when we didn't know we were "close" to a Narcissist), then consider being "cut loose" a GAIN for yourself.
You didn't know you were being apparently used as someone's SIDEKICK, TARGET, or SPACE FILLER, or STEP STOOL, but now you do, and you are NO LONGER.
Thank the stars, thank the Lord.

Above OR Below: Narcissistic Perception

A person who has Narcissism issues thinks in "black and white" terms; everything is ONE THING OR THE OTHER. So their interaction with other people reflects this: To a Narcissist, other people are not variable, changing, growing, autonomous beings who are capable of all kinds of things, no matter who or what they are.

To a Narcissist, people are EITHER:
"higher status" or "lower status".
"Good" or "Bad".
"Weak" or "Strong".
"Correct" or "Incorrect".
"Capable" or "Incapable".
"Smart" or "Stupid".
"Fun" or "Boring".
"Responsible" or "Irresponsible".
"Right" or "Wrong".
"Knowledgeable" or "Ignorant".
"Good" or "Evil".
"Nice" or "Mean".
"Genius" or "Not genius".
"One of us" or "One of them".
"Innocent" or "Dishonest".
"Attractive" or "Unattractive".
"Worthy" or "Unworthy".
"Good" or "Trash".
"Leader" or "Follower".
"Down to earth" or "Stuck up".
"Talented" or "Untalented".
"Above them" or "Below them".

Domination or Submission:
If  a person with Narcissism does not feel like he or she is successfully DOMINATING another person (superior to them, leading them, controlling them), he or she sees that person as TRYING TO DOMINATE and CONTROL THEM.
They are either THE LEADER, or they are THE FOLLOWER, in their minds; cooperation, peer connection, harmony, synchronicity, and kindred spirit is not something they easily understand.
So if a person STANDS UP to their domination, control, and disrespectful behaviors, they will perceive the person as TRYING TO CONTROL, DOMINATE, OR HUMILIATE THEM.

They can't seem to comprehend the difference between a person standing up for themselves against domination and disrespect, and a person trying to assert control over them.

A Narcissist will ONLY "cooperate" as an equal "peer" with a person whom they actually see as "ABOVE" themselves. 

This can also be seen in other illnesses and disorders.
Most children NATURALLY go through this as a normal developmental stage. Children who did not receive enough guidance for various reasons risk getting "stuck" in this way of perceiving themselves and the world.

Narcissist Injury: Humiliation

When a TARGET of a Narcissist does not ALLOW the N. to project inferiority onto them, (treat them like they're less experienced, less intelligent, weaker, less cool, less responsible, less skilled, less deserving of respect), a Narcissist will become ANGRY and INSULTED. This is "Narcissistic Injury", because it's an "insult" to the ego and image the N. is trying create of themselves.

The closest universal thing to Narcissist Injury that most of us may relate with is the time during adolescence when we're trying to build our identities separate from our parents, and our parents treat us like little children in front of our peers. They're ruining our "image" and squishing the perfectly normal, very delicate ego of the adolescent human. They're treating us like the "little kid" version of ourselves, when we want to FEEL LIKE and BE SEEN AS "Grown Up" or "Independent". Narcissists want to be SEEN AS and FEEL LIKE they're a SUPERIOR BEING, so when a person does not allow their disrespectful treatment implying inferiority, the Narcissist feels HUMILIATED, frustrated, blocked, sabotaged, challenged, controlled, and enraged.   

Your Partner's Affair With Money

Post by Red Light Runners Anonymous.

"If you have a partner who is having an affair with money, then you will never be good enough. You will always be in the way. You will never measure up. You will always come second (if you're lucky that is) and certainly never first. Your life will be one big long swim against a relentless and pushing tide. The relationship your partner has with money is the one that has his/her attention, it's the one that catches his/her eye. Eventually s/he will resent you for being in the way, and for getting in between of what s/he really wants. Money. Trying to win the affections of your partner away from their affair with money is like fighting a demon without a face. It's impossible."