Democrats GOP Who do you hate, SUCKER?

Political Party Propaganda is used by each party to rile you up and get you to choose a side. Once you have picked your "team", you start to believe anything bad you hear about the "other team", and you defend "your team" with all your might. It's the oldest trick in the book~ the more hostile Pro Sports gets, the more riled-up humans buy tickets and souvenirs, and watch it on TV. Why do you think
rulers have been going to war for centuries? They go to WAR in order to get everyone to be ON THEIR SIDE, solidarity AGAINST the other clan/village/kingdom/country/religion/political party. They are PLAYING you.

Stop publicly insulting and attacking the political party that your friend belongs to, stop buying into the monkey hate, stop letting them rile you up, and stop throwing your friends and family under the bus just so you can feel like you belong to a "TEAM" that doesn't care for one minute whether you exist or not. You are not part of their "TEAM" any more than you are a member of the Red Sox or the Miami Dolphins. You're a FAN. Only if you can look at all Political Parties WITHOUT a feeling of "Us" and "Them", WITHOUT an adrenaline rush, WITHOUT feeling like "They are wrong and We are right", and when you can respect anyone who does not belong to the same party and refrain from childish blame games and name-calling, only then will you be able to see what is actually going on, and who is doing what.

Women Fear Disapproval, For Good Reason

It is more common for women in Western culture to be careful that their behavior and speech falls within acceptance of those around them. The reasons for this are many, but one important reason is that they receive heavy consequences very easily and very quickly from those around them if they do not keep themselves within the parameters of approval of other people. This usually means being agreeable with anyone who has claimed a leadership role. In other words, it is more acceptable for girls and women to be cheerleaders instead of play football, to be in the audience clapping instead of onstage playing, to be the secretary instead of the boss, the bookkeeper instead of the carpenter, to listen to others and believe them instead of stating their own observations. Letting others lead is often considered being a "nice person", when it is actually just submissive,  and defending one's self against rude, inconsiderate, bossy, controlling, or unfair behavior is often painted as "bitchy", when it is actually what a healthy person with healthy boundaries does normally.

Women who do not let others rail over them, boss them, or bully them are often dished out inappropriate and ridiculous consequences such as verbal abuse, humiliation, smear campaigns, abandonment, and ostracism. Sadly, when one woman is being targeted, since there are so many people with the same conditioning, many people go along with it. Only those who are not engulfed by cultural conditioning will see through it.