The Choice Is Yours To Bully Or Not To Bully

Scapegoats are often the one who has already been targeted by abuse and neglect, but they are also often the one who has stood up for the original Scapegoat.
In many dysfunctional groups where Narcissism is present, the person who stands up for a target of abuse or slander will actually be targeted MORE than the original target, with increased contempt, and with increased effort in rallying "support" in targeting and rejecting the person.
In many of these groups, the original Scapegoat will often jump on board, going along with targeting the very person who stood up for them. They see it as an opportunity to get acceptance from the group that they didn't have before.
This dynamic is becoming more and more common in humans, unfortunately, and the effects can be seen quite clearly in the deteriorating society.
Beware, those who stand up for others, or for themselves~ you're an increasingly rare breed, and the likelihood of being targeted more than ever for it is higher and higher, because there are more and more people who are jumping on the scapegoating/bullying wagon in order to avoid rejection from the increasingly dysfunctional group.
The effect is exponential; the more bullies there are, the more bullies there are, and therefore the less anti-bullies there are. The less people there are who will stand up against it, due to fear of rejection.
Without those who have the courage to stand up against bullying, disrespect, gossip, abuse and betrayal in their own family, friendship groups and communities, the society will simply regress into a barbaric state and will lose its sense of civility. Eventually the entire culture becomes one big horror show, as has been seen over and over throughout human history.
It's YOUR CHOICE, and MY CHOICE, to be one of the people who stand up for others (and for oneself), who are supportive of those who have been or who are being betrayed, abused, targeted, manipulated, and slandered, or to be one of the people who do nothing, and who go along with it and allow it.

On The Apparently Growing Narcissism Epidemic

"We must teach empathy early on to our children.
Empathy doesn't come naturally anymore like in the old days, it seems. Society is highly decadent in manners and morals, unfortunately. Maybe if we raise awareness of the problem, t
alk more about it in the media, pass a law to include the study of Empathy in the school curriculum....maybe....with more brain research ...maybe....with cognitive techniques...conflict resolution skills thought in pre wedding and pre parenting classes which should be mandatory....maybe these beasts would be start with....Am I being realistic?!!
(On the other hand....mass exorcism might be the order of the day....! ! ! Seriously!)
I also noticed that the word has being applied more and more to define this political Administration's pattern of behavior: twisting the facts, projecting their own faults, blaming others, not taking personal responsibilities, lying, false promises, arrogance, betrayal, self serving, delusional, double standard and on....and on...and we all know.
The coming campaign will be very enlightening to those that have ears to hear....! Theme of the moment: character disorder, manipulative behavior."

Anonymous writer regarding the apparently increasing epidemic of Narcissism