On Narcissism

Are You Arrogant? Probably...

Humans, ALL Humans, are as vulnerable to complacency, arrogance, and self-righteousness as a fish is to getting wet.
They're glitches in the whole "self-confidence" thing that we need to survive and live a relatively normal life.
So, do you have arrogance issues? Almost certainly.
Do you ever think you're more deserving of something than someone else? Do you feel like you're better than others sometimes, or often? How do you treat other races? How do you treat the opposite sex? How do you treat people who are younger than you? Shorter than you? Older than you? Why are you treating people differently according to such superficial things?

Do you ever think about the way you treat the different members of your own family? Of your own community? Where you work?

Do you ever really believe that you're wrong? Do you go by your feelings, or do you actually (honestly) make decisions based on careful planning rooted in values?

How often do you make excuses for your actions?

Yeah, you probably have arrogance, over-confidence, control, and resentment issues, just because you're a human. Does that make it "okay"? Of course not. Does that mean you should jump off a cliff? Of course not.

How To Destroy The World In Thirty Easy Steps

How To Destroy The World In A Few Easy Steps

1.) Continuously traumatize an entire generation throughout their youths by telling them they could be blown up at any minute by people who hate them (this makes them very open to suggestion), and by frequent dramatic, violent, and disastrous "news".

2.) Keep telling said generation that all of their elders are stupid, completely ignorant, and that respecting any of their elders at all, or anything they say or believe, means that they're weak and stupid.

3.) Tell said generation that "civility" and "manners" are the same as "conformity" and "being uppity" (teach them the opposite of what civility and manners are for).

4.) Keep exposing them, for years, to shows that depict skewed values and behaviors such as dramatically aggressive and hostile emotional displays, "vengeance" for anything and everything, dramatic displays of self-righteousness, gossiping, infidelity, disloyalty, blatant superiority, blatant bigotry, condescension, rebellion with no real reason, drama and more drama, and more "vengeance".

5.) Get them to believe that they are intellectually superior to everyone older than they are, and also everyone younger than they are.

6.) When they question unfairness, or stand up for someone else who is being treated unfairly (like their own classmate or their own sister, for example) PUNISH them, either directly, or with social rejection and humiliation.

7.) Teach them that they are "smart" for being tolerant of bully behavior, bigotry, and corruption in their community. Teach them to live in fear of social rejection.

8.) Teach them that "tolerance" means accepting, and even protecting, those who display bully behavior (instead of what it really means: dealing with the fact that other people have other points of view and different customs, within a framework of civility and mutual respect).  

9.) Tell them they have the "right" to treat others according to their FEELINGS.
Teach them that it's OKAY to sabotage, bully, or backstab others in order to get what they want.

10.) Tell them that their feelings represent reality.
11.) Tell them that it's "okay" to retaliate against other people, and that it's always justified.

12.) Convince them to believe that "Justice" and "Retaliation" are the SAME THING.

13.) Teach them to use "I couldn't help it" as an excuse for their behaviors.

14.) Get them to believe that one sex is intellectually superior to the other so they'll follow members of one sex, even if it's right off a cliff, but reject and ignore anything that members of the other sex says or does (including, and especially, when they are trying to stop them from following someone off the edge of a cliff, to their own demise).
Trick them into believing that it's "okay" or even funny to treat members of one sex with disrespect, so they won't be able to form healthy relationships or friendships, and they'll keep blaming that entire sex for their failed relationships, but will not even think to look at their own behavior or beliefs.

15.) Convince said generation that they're already "enlightened" by virtue of their innate superiorness, and at the SAME TIME, teach them WRONG about what "Humility" means (tell them that it means self-deprecation, submission, or weakness), so it will be very difficult for them to actually become "enlightened" or to self-examine AT ALL. They will then remain in a state of immaturity and unawareness, so they will remain easy to manipulate.

16.) Teach them to believe that the use of name-calling with popularized words such as "loser", "skank", "bitch", or "wuss" means you're "cool".

17.) Convince them that it's PERFECTLY OKAY to behave extremely dramatically and disrespectfully toward others when "standing up for a cause", "arguing a point", or "defending your political party".

18.) Make them believe that belonging to a Political Party, a club, or a "movement" means they're an adult.

19.) Tell them it's perfectly okay and "natural" to HATE, DESPISE, REJECT, or EMOTIONALLY REACT TO anyone who doesn't agree with them, and anyone who does not tolerate and allow their disrespectful behavior toward them.

20.) Again, tell them there is no distinction between their FEELINGS and OBJECTIVE REALITY; teach them that their own COMFORT is more important than anything else, and that they are justified in anything they can do to make themselves more comfortable, even if it's destructive toward others or toward society.

21.) Let them believe that it's an indication of INTELLIGENCE or adulthood to judge others, to condescend to others, to make assumptions about others, and to judge others based on extremely superficial information (such as the way a person looks, or their job, or their schooling, or lack thereof).
DO NOT teach them about respect and civility toward other people.

22.) Teach said generation to believe their own sex is superior to the other sex (for various made-up reasons), and that they are entitled to control and dominate those of the opposite sex due to their own apparent superiority.
At the same time, let them believe that it's okay to control, bully, and condescend to members of their own sex as well, but to call it "constructive criticism".

23.) Get them to value material success, career success, and recognition more than anything else in life, and tell them that they have "the right" to feel this way.

24.) Get them to believe that all the values of anyone outside of their generation, or outside of who they follow and look up to, are "stupid".

25.) Convince them that whatever they THINK is true IS ACTUALLY true, with or without evidence, and that it means they're SMART.
So if they think that Sasquatch does NOT exist, it must be true, and it means they're "smarter" than those who think it might exist.  If they think that Sasquatch DOES exist, then that must be true, and it means they're "smarter" than the skeptics.

26.) Get them to believe that "mental illness" only happens to OTHER people, weak people, and stupid people. This way they will not only believe it can't happen to them, but they will FEAR stigmatization when they do need help.

27.) Get them to "teach" their children that the sexes are two different species, and are very, very different from one another in all areas, including emotions.
Get them to believe that whatever the members of one sex FEEL, the other does NOT feel.
Also, that whatever one sex can do, the other one CAN'T.
Tell them that opposite sex people "can't be friends", so they will feel self-conscious and weirdly ashamed when they make a friend of the opposite sex (thereby destroying a huge portion of the fabric that creates a healthy society).
Get them to believe that one sex should always "lead" the other.

28.) Get them to believe that everything is "EITHER/OR", that there's only two choices to everything: either "GOOD" or "BAD", "SMART" or "DUMB", "STRONG or WEAK", "BEAUTIFUL or UGLY", "RIGHT or WRONG", "WINNER or LOSER", "LEADER or FOLLOWER", "LEFT or RIGHT", "BLACK or WHITE".

29.) Tell them that everything is a huge conspiracy so that they will either BELIEVE it completely, OR they will REJECT it completely. (They'll either believe that everything is a conspiracy, or that NOTHING is. Then, either way, anyone who disagrees with them they'll call "crazy".)

30.) Tell them that rejecting and devaluing other people who don't agree with them, who don't cater to their agendas and beliefs, or who they don't completely get along with is "self-preservation" and "self-care", and is perfect justifiable. Even if those "other people" are children.

The final step is to model all of this for the subsequent generations, so they believe that it's the "way things have always been". They will become NORMALIZED to these skewed "values", and will simply perpetuate them with no awareness that there has ever been any other way. They will likely wonder how, exactly, previous generations were able to accomplish so much with such destructive behaviors and "values", since they will believe that people have always been the way they are now.