The False Power Of Controllers

The "power" a Controller has over a target is largely false. An important part of the process of gaining control others, whether it's one person or a group, is building up one's appearance of power in the MINDS of targets.
Individual Controllers do this, and so do POLITICIANS. By acting as if one is more powerful than another, Controllers are able to convince a person that they ARE ACTUALLY more powerful. Larger physical stature helps this process along, as does certain vocal frequencies. (Larger in general, or just larger than a specific target.)

Controllers will often purposely seek to create a network of people around themselves, which makes them appear supported, popular, and therefore appear MORE POWERFUL. Many do try to recruit others in this network to target the same person (scapegoating, smearing, bullying, ostracism.) Further, many also try to recruit those who are connected to the target to join them instead, and turn on the target.

The more people a Controller seems to be connected to and supported by, the larger and more powerful a Controller will appear. The more powerful a Controller appears, the more likely a target will feel dominated by them, and the more they will be worried about consequences for standing up to them.

Social signals play a large part for most Controller's power displays. Rude behavior, invasion of personal boundaries, treating others with disrespect, cutting in line, standing in front of others, walking in front of others, taking things from others, making "directing" gestures, speaking "over" or "through" a person's head to another person, purposely refusing to acknowledge a person's presence or speech, making unnecessary loud NOISES either with their body or with objects, walking "tough", standing "tough", and condescending at any opportunity. Pretending they don't NOTICE that a person is being treated disrespectfully or rudely by someone else.

Other animals do many of these things as well when trying to display dominance, obviously without the words.

A Controller might not even be doing the social signals on purpose, they might just have picked up certain speech patterns and body language from a parent, or other adults present in their childhood (like any child would), and might actually believe that people are "submitting" to them because they're innately superior.

These tactics and signals work so well that a single individual can make a an entire country believe, and submit to their "Leadership". It's been done so many times, in recorded history, documented and exposed, it's truly stunning how the human species still falls for it en masse on a regular basis.

People are susceptible to believing a person has more power because of various displays, because it's wired into the Homo Sapien brain to submit to or follow whoever seems to have "proven" their superior power. These "proven" power displays are going on all the time with a Controller, it's how they live their lives. If you've ever watched documentaries showing group animals' behavior, especially groups who always have a "leader", you can see how certain individuals seem simply obsessed with power and dominance displays, it seems like that's their favorite thing in the world to do, they do it at any opportunity. This is the same with Human Controllers, they're living inside of their desire for control and power over others, so much so that they might not even be aware of it.

Whether it's a personal relationship, a family dynamic, a community, an organization, a business or a national government, the tactics are the SAME. It is more about the BELIEF that an individual has much more power than they actually do that usually causes a target to feel trapped and fearful, less than the reality. It actually can cause a target to avoid seeking a way out, seeking help from others, and going about meeting their own needs.