Why Those With Strong Values Often Have Few Friends

Those who live their lives in cliques will always reject those who don't do cliques. Square pegs in round holes~ they know you aren't ever going to go along with their triangulation, ego stroking, bad boundary issues and manipulation, sometimes illegal activity, often 'immoral' activity (that they're actually ashamed of or fear getting caught doing), so they just don't include you. You don't fit in. (Thank Heaven for that.)

They're not rejecting you because you did something wrong, because you're not a good person, or because you're creepy, annoying, unintelligent, or unattractive. They simply have no tolerance for people with strong values who refuse to participate in game playing, and who don't let them walk in and on their boundaries. When you disagree with them or don't go along with their mobbing, gossiping, or excluding others, if you show that you don't tolerate unfair or hurtful treatment toward others or toward yourself, they will often reject you forthwith. 

Secure and confident people don't reject others, or try to dominate, smear, gang up on, or ostracize them for disagreeing with them, refusing to go along with attacking others, or refusing to participate in any other kind of activity or attitude. They don't reject others for talking about something, or pointing out unfairness, injustice, or standing up for themselves. But very insecure, fearful, and/or manipulative people often do. They will "circle their wagons" at the slightest interference or disagreement with their agendas, and then often open fire as well.

Much like illegal drug users would not invite a police officer to the party, even if he or she was the nicest, most laid back, kindest, most generous person in the world. It's about THEM, THEY feel uncomfortable in the officer's presence because of what THEY do, not because of what the officer's personality is like.