What About That?

What do you do if, by the time you find your soulmate/twinflame/mirror... they have been through so much crap that they don't trust the opposite sex anymore, or they seem unglued? What then?

Then you cancel the request and make a new one!


 Next question is: what happens if you find your soulmate/twinflame/mirror, and they have been through so much crap that they don't trust the opposite sex anymore, or they seem unglued, and you cancel the request and make a new request to find your very healthy soulmate/twinflame/mirror who is enthusiastic about the friendship between you, and respects you and your boundaries, and is supportive of you, has your back, and is even keeled and fair minded, and strong within him or her self, and has a great sense of humor and is a wonderful partner? 

Hearts And Thoughts They Fade, Fade Away

Other People's Problems

Be careful of labeling what you don't understand, psychiatric diagnoses are not something to be trifled with. If a person goes to five psychiatrists he or she will get five different opinions. Psychiatry is a new field, science is just scratching the surface; anyone who thinks it's a hard science doesn't know what hard science means. Especially be careful of labeling someone else before you get a work-up done on yourself. The human brain is not a computer, yours included, even those whose IQs are way above average. Your perception of another person is completely colored by your own imperfect brain, your past experiences, your conditioning, your beliefs, even the TV shows you watched. Real psychiatric professionals (good ones) consult with others and do in-depth testing, and refer to research and studies, and consult again, when diagnosing someone, because they are aware that they are subject to their own faulty perceptions and prejudices. Your brain already has an agenda about what you want someone else to be, and if you are not aware of that fact, you will continue to see them as not living up to your personal expectations of them, and labeling them damaged or deficient. Go get yourself diagnosed, see if your own perception is causing you to see them as screwed up. You might the one who needs new glasses.  


Discover who another is; find out what another has seen, what they have learned, what their fears are and their love. Discover, don't assume and expect; don't try to make them fit in the coffin you have made for them. Every expectation of yours they don't meet you will see as failure, and every expectation they exceed you will see as pompousness. You did not create the other, you are not privy to all of the circuitry of their minds, or the soft spots in their hearts, or the map of their souls. Let go of what you think they should be and discover who they are.


Belief in a Source greater than ourselves means accepting that there is something greater than ourselves, and greater than each other.


"A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write... What one can be, one must be."
~Abraham Maslow