"Right Wing" "Left Wing" You Don't Know What You're Talking About

Republicans are NOT "Right Wing"...

hellooo... there's a REASON for the term.

Democrats are NOT "Left Wing" either...



You can have so-called "Left" ideals and be a Republican Conservative.

You can call yourself "Liberal" but not REALLY be one, because you have zero interest in hearing anyone's point of view that's not the same as YOURS.

You can be a Democrat and be an utterly bigoted racist, sexist, elitist moron who only cares about themselves, job security, and getting a PAYCHECK or benefits for yourself. That's as far from "left" as you can get. 

Most people don't GET THIS, because they turn everything into a BELIEF instead of doing objective, non-dramatic, non-histrionic thinking, observation, and information gathering.


MOST PEOPLE think CHRISTIANS are "Right Wing".

But if JESUS was HERE NOW, he would NOT be a Democrat, OR a Republican.
He would not be EITHER ONE, he would have CONSERVATIVE AND (so-called) LEFT "ideals".

NOT "communism", NOT 'right wing", NOT "Socialism" NOT "Male Superiority", NONE OF THAT.

He would not be talking about anything within the parameters of ANY Political party, or anyone else's politics, or even anyone's established religion.

Which is why they crucified him, by the way. He didn't fit in any of their categories, groups, hierarchies, stereotypes or cliques, and he talked about respecting and caring about fellow human beings, about LIFE, and about objective integrity and real ethics, regardless of a person's POLITICS, SEX, ANCESTRY, WEALTH, POVERTY, or BELIEFS.

They hated him then because he wouldn't go along with their silly prejudices and established, MADE UP "rules" for who's "important" and who's not, and if he was here now, they would HATE HIM NOW.

Especially if no one knew WHO he was.
Humans have always been obsessed with FAME, so if a person isn't "known" or popular, they must not be "anyone important"...

And especially if he was here in a different body other than a 30ish, average  height, "normal" looking young man.

If he had started his ministry at an earlier age, they would have killed him quicker.
If he was short, they would have killed him quicker.
If he was a completely different race than the regional population, they would have killed him quicker.

They did try when he was born.
If he was a girl they would have tried even harder, wiping out ALL girl children, not just first born.  

If he was a woman then, or showed up as a woman now, they'd try to crucify him in a week, it wouldn't take three years. That's about stupidity and bigotry, not about actual intrinsic worth of males vs. females.

Actually if he was a female back then, he wouldn't have made it to adulthood.

Not even close.

NOR was he a "Democrat" or a "Socialist" or a "Male Supremacist" or a "Female Supremacist" or a "White, Black, Hispanic, Native American, Middle Eastern, Asian, or any other kind of Supremacist",

(That's frankly asinine, if God made people, he made them all, and loves them all equally, just like you would love all of your kids even if a couple of them screwed up severely. It doesn't mean you allow your kids to get away with anything, it means you love them. You already know they're going to screw up if you have a working brain in your head. How severely they mess up is not subject to whether you love them or not. Unless of course you're a Narcissist, and your kids have to be perfect in YOUR eyes in order for you to "love" them, and you would choose a FAVORITE, and make another a SCAPEGOAT.).

Narcissists With Family Members Or Friends With "Special Needs"

It's common for a person with Narcissism to make one or more people in their family group, work group, or other groups into "special needs" people, as if they are "mentally weak" or "unstable".

This gives them someone to compare themselves to so they can feel like they're always on the side of "sane" or "strong".

Also, if I have someone to label as "crazy" or "hysterical", or "hypersensitive", I have a ready excuse for all kinds of things I want to get out of or avoid, and an excuse to "treat myself" (it's so stressful dealing with so and so), and an easy way to get sympathy from other people.  

What if the person is really "crazy"?
Well if the person talking about the "crazy person" is an emotionally mature person, and not Narcissistic, he or she would be genuinely compassionate toward the person and take care to treat them properly in regard to their "condition". If the person is a family member or a  friend, they definitely would not be gossiping and whispering about them, judging them, criticizing them, or purposely leaving them out of random gatherings, activities and celebrations. They would be trying to learn and understand more about the person's "condition", and would be available to HELP the person, they wouldn't be trying to find a way to reject the person, and they definitely would NOT be trying to humiliate the person, triangulate, control, or threaten the person with "social consequences" or take away survival necessities.

Narcissists and especially sociopaths will scapegoat, manipulate, neglect, abandon, use, control, and abuse a person who does have a mental or emotional illness or neurological issue, any type at all, from Down Syndrome to Schizophrenia to brain damage to Coma to Stroke to PTSD to OCD. 

However, a Narcissist will also PROJECT mental or emotional illness onto a Target who has no such thing, just to make them into a scapegoat and have someone to talk about and use for all kinds of excuses, and to gain sympathy.
They will also PROVOKE a person who appears to have mild symptoms of something, for example anxiety, so their condition will worsen, so they can be manipulated, used, and/or devalued and scapegoated.

(Classic bully behavior; picking on the kid who seems to already have anxiety.)

The ONLY TIME a Narcissist "WANTS" or accepts another person to have some kind of illness or issue is when they want to use it for their own benefit. Otherwise, a person who has some kind of illness is an object of envy because they might get "special attention", and/or someone to be avoided because it's "burdensome" to HAVE TO treat them with extra care or special attention, and they might need something.

There are many N's in caregiver/health fields who have no intention of actually helping patients, clients, or students improve, do well, maintain, or recover, they just want to be "over" them, and also to make money off of them. 

Narcissists And Children

Whether they're parents or not, Narcissists don't have nor comprehend the nature of a normal relationship between parents and children, or any adults and children for that matter.

Narcissists, and especially sociopaths, see children as just some other person, and further, a person who is more of a BOTHER because someone has to take care of them. They need to be fed, sheltered, and clothed.

They don't understand relationships between parents and adult children either. "That kid is an adult now, they're on their own."
It's common for N. parents to get their kids out of the house ASAP so they don't have to be bothered with them anymore. The exception is if one of the kids is a favorite of theirs, OR a scapegoat they want to use as a servant; then they'll try to make sure the child can't leave. Other than that, they want the kid out and away, because they don't want to "have to" care for another human being.

It has absolutely NOTHING to do with the child's personality or behavior. Non-narcissists don't discard or devalue their children, period.

N's are not caring, empathetic, or supportive of other people's children either, whether in or out of their family, and even if they're job is directly with children. They JUDGE other people's children the same way they would judge an adult co-worker or a total stranger. There is no concept of "bonds" or "relationships" or "nurturing", because there's just not. They don't get it. It's not in there.

If a Narcissist has a seemingly good relationship with their own children, it's likely because they think of their children as Golden, as extensions of themselves in a positive way instead of a negative way. They are "Mini-Me's". (They walk a thin line, however; if they start to appear to the N. parent as "other", the N. parent will likely devalue them and stop doting on them abruptly, leaving them to have to figure out how to survive suddenly on their own, feeling abandoned. Some Golden Children reject their N. parents because they feel suffocated and puppeteered, and others turn around and try to dominate their N. parents and control them.)

N. parents who have made their kids into "Golden Children" often devalue OTHER people's children, both within the family and outside of the family. They'll do this also with Step-children who are living in the same household, often causing severe trauma to the children, and family as a whole.

In many parental couples, only one parent is the N., and the non-N. parent has to deal with the impact on the child's personality and behaviors later, all by themselves, without support, because the N. parent is not capable and makes themselves unavailable. In many cases, the non-N parent only married or dated a Narcissist because they're used to N. behavior from their family and/or community, so they won't have OTHER support in dealing with their child's impacted behavior or trauma either. No one will be supportive of them OR the child if they're surrounded by only various N's, and are instead likely to be targeted for more scapegoating, rejection, abuse or manipulation when they most need support.

(Really just simple Bully behavior, but the effects are much more serious when it's in one's personal life by the adults around them, and not left on the playground in second grade.)

Narcissists don't understand "respect", "care", "mentoring", "bonds" or "relationships" between people in general, it doesn't matter if those people are children or not. The only "relationships" they have with children is when they feel possession over them. Other than that, a kid might as well be a squirrel in someone else's yard raiding the bird feeder.

Harsh Truth, Male Vs. Female

If you think of women as children with no experience, knowledge, logic, ability or wisdom, and men as adults with automatic expertise, knowledge, logic, ability, and wisdom, you're a REALLY EASY MARK for con artists and other manipulators.
You are either not a logical or critical thinker, or you've been taught to believe these things in your culture or family.

If you think of men as "Natural Leaders" or "Natural Authority", or "Naturally Logical" etc. etc., you are much more likely to believe a man who's lying right to your face, just because he's a man. You are much more likely to follow a man and let him lead you, whether he knows what he's doing or not, and whether he's endangering you or costing you hard-earned money or not.

You are likely to believe what he says even if he's "teaching" you something that's completely untrue or wrong.

If you think of women as "Naturally illogical", or "Naturally Naive", or "Naturally Weak", you are much more likely to underestimate any female person you meet. You will assume way too much about them. You won't notice if they are a dangerous con-artist, or if they are a wise sage or a genius. You won't be able to discern their real personalities, or their emotional expressions, or comprehend what they're saying, because you'll be playing your own version of who and what they are in your head.

Blanket stereotype beliefs about either sex will BLOCK you from seeing another person's real personality, real character, real intelligence, real experience, real ability, and real motivations. 

You will not see your own clearly either, unfortunately; you will likely assign whatever you believe about your own sex to yourself, for good or for ill.

Humans Aren't That Bright...For The Most Part

Unfortunately, most humans are only capable of sympathizing with others who remind them of themselves physically or socially.

Most won't even listen to what another person is saying unless they identify with them in some way.

If they think of you as 'other', as not 'one of them', they are likely to ignore what you say and disrespect you, just because of primate-brain-driven identity issues

Envy And Judgment: Two Sides, Same Coin

The other side of Envy is Judgment. Those who are envious of others also tend to JUDGE others very negatively, about pretty much anything, especially things that they can see.

So they envy the person in the Porsche in the passing lane, and lambaste the person in the old slow-moving Oldsmobile in the slow lane.

They envy, or covet, the young woman with too-tight pants whom they found attractive at the mall, and viciously make fun another woman at the bank with tight pants. 

They envy and snipe at the older man for the financial security he built over a long career, but call the younger man who hasn't had time or opportunity to build a career or assets a "loser".

They envy those who have good relationships with their spouse, and call them names like "Betty Homemaker" and "Whipped", but they're disrespectful or abusive to anyone they get in a relationship with.

They "despise" and name-call BOTH the wealthy and the poor.
BOTH the college student and the non-student.
BOTH the confident and the timid.
BOTH the outspoken and the shy.
BOTH the "attractive" and the "unattractive" (in their eyes)
BOTH the successful and the struggling.
BOTH the religious person and the non-religious person.
BOTH working women and stay-at-home mothers and wives.
BOTH politicians and people who stay out of government.
BOTH executives and low-level employees.

They envy and covet one, and try to diminish and belittle the other. 

Either way, they resent, resent, resent, and put down, put down, put down.

Ironically they are often the FIRST ONES to call someone else "envious", "resentful", "hateful", "dramatic", "jealous", "annoying", or "self-centered", but that's simply because they LIKE TO CALL OTHER PEOPLE NAMES and put other people down.

It's a habit that they have; it gives them a chemical cocktail in their brain and body. It's likely they started doing it in early childhood and just never stopped, and very likely that they had someone around them who gave them reinforcing feedback about it. (I.E. doing it too)

It doesn't matter if the "shoe fits" the person they threw it at or not, they just want to throw it. 
The "shoe" is about their OWN feelings and emotional reactions, not the reality of the other person.