Gawk Much? Judging And Gossip In The Community

You know your community is afflicted with Narcissism if you know that neighbors are watching you when you clean your car, mow your lawn, landscape, shovel snow, do any repairs, do anything they can see, and anything they can't see. And you know that they're watching you because that's part of their usuall conversation~ what OTHER PEOPLE are doing. Talking about others, and REPORTING ON others to f...ellow gossipers. "I saw your Aunt at the mall with some guy, they looked like they were pretty close, smiling and laughing..." "Did you see those bushes so-and-so planted? What the heck are they supposed to be?!" ... "Oh my gosh look at so-and-so, where's she going in THAT get-up?" ... "It looks like so-and-so may have FINALLY gotten a job..." ... "Can you believe so-and-so has all those kids?!" ... "I see the So-and-so's got another car... how they can afford it?!" ... "So-and-so is always going out at night, I see the car leave and not come back till four in the morning..." "How many girlfriends does he have? That's the third woman I've seen there this week!" "I don't know how she puts up with her, I hear all she does is sit around and do nothing but do that silly 'art' crap all day." "What a loser..." "He hasn't worked in a year, I heard~"
Narcissism blazes with self-righteousness, deflection, finger-pointing, manipulation, lying and corruption, which breeds insecurity and paranoia in those around them, which breeds defensiveness, which often manifests as gossip, which creates a very hostile, backstabbing community (or family). Huge, self-perpetuation cycle that gets worse with time and through generations unless strong people simply stop participating, and stop modeling it for their children.
If you know others are watching and judging you with everything you do, and you make sure you can only be seen doing things that look "smart" or "cool" and hiding anything that someone might judge critically, (like learn to juggle, or practice singing, or talking to certain people) and you think that's "normal" because it's so common and "everyone does it", you're witnessing the influence of Narcissistic Personality Disorder in your area.