Hating The Study Of Human Behavior And Psychology

Most humans hate the study of human behavior, and don't like other people to study it, because it calls attention to themselves. They don't have a problem with other people studying animal behavior, or studying anything else such as physics, geology, astronomy, botany, microbiology, zoology, mathematics, robotics, theology, archeology, software design; in fact they'll often call a person who studies anything else "smart" or even "brilliant" or "fascinating". But when that same "smart, brilliant, fascinating" person switches their focus from astronomy to human behavior and psychology, suddenly people start putting negative labels on them.
There's only one reason for that~ the human ego.
"Look at anything else, and anyone else, just don't look at ME."

Fascinating that it doesn't occur to most people that those who study human behavior and psychology are studying themselves as well, so if it doesn't seem to bother them, why does it bother others? There's an answer to that, too, and it's not about "privacy" or "dignity".
We're all the same species. We're unique individuals, but there's really nothing that one human can do, say, think, or feel that's far beyond most of the other humans. We're all the same species, and the desire to hide things about ourselves is a natural, self-protective reaction. There's really nothing we can hide that's all that unique.

So we can lighten up and let go of our defensiveness when it comes to the study of human behavior, interaction, and psychology. We're one of the species on Planet Earth, we've been studied for centuries by members of our own species; it's nothing new, and it's nothing "personal", and it's one of the essential keys to figuring out how to prevent future horrors like so many we've seen as a species throughout our history on Earth, that still occur to this day.