Kimberly Barnes Goad

Skipping and tripping through life, that's a shame, Ignoring the sages will douse out your flames. How does it feel screaming silently to yourself? ... No one to one to help. Sabotage your dreams, you'll get what you sow. How do I guide a lost soul? Who's to know? Your pride is shaded under bountiful trees, Disguised as happiness as you drop to your knees. Life is huge, visions abound. Rise up, ask your soul, it wants to be found. Oh how I love you, the light in my eyes, Watching you suffer, living the lies. Revelations are waiting, dig deep, listen clear Only you can unleash them and banish your fears. ~K.B.Goad

Male Power Runs The World? Try Common Schoolyard Bully

The reason males have been "running the world", overall, for so many centuries, is as simple as school yard thuggery. When people let bullies get control of anything, they control all the people too, and they do anything to keep their power. Good men become fearful about standing up for women against male bullies, so the women are left to stand up for themselves against all of the men. And we all know what bullies do when people stand up to them; they fight DIRTY. The only way to stop them is to take them out of any power position, and the only way to SEE it is to stand up for equality. Bullies hate equality, they will always fight to keep their "group" above any other group. Bullies do this with anything that will work on the people they are trying to control : race, sex, nationality, money, the lack of money, background, hair, height, education, lack of education, whether you own a motorcycle or not, have children or not, married or not, anything. People get conditioned very easily to believe "that's the way it is" and "don't rock the boat", to their own detriment. When you stand for true equality, you expose the posers.

Recovering From Narcissistic Abuse

A lot of us have developed, from youth, a habit of escapism. When we have had enough of one emotionally abusive person, we call and go seek solace from a friend. But then that friend starts showing their Narc face, and we call someone else; then we escape that person, and go back to the first one. Often that first one is Home. We don't realize we are picking Narcs to populate our support network, so we end up like a pinball, bouncing off one to another and back again, always having to deal with some new jab from one of them. We keep ourselves in this pinball machine as long as we have more than one to go back and forth to and from, or until we realize that we are in the machine.
When we realize it, we can liberate ourselves. That feels great, until we realize we are alone, because we've taking ourselves out of the pinball network we've built, and there's nothing in its place. Then we have to rebuild a healthy one, with what people skills? With judgment that keeps picking Narcs?! That's where we need to really take care and take care and take care of ourselves, and tread slowly and carefully, and love ourselves and our children. The trap is when we get overwhelmed at this point and we go and find someone to fill that awful loneliness, but we don't know if we are choosing healthy people or not.  The real trick is to truly learn how to love ourselves, even through loneliness, and connect very very carefully with new people, watching them from an emotional distance for a long time. And learning everything we missed about boundaries.