Writers write. Don't assume you know what they think about what they write, or about themselves, or about anything at all. Unless you enjoy finding out that your assumptions were wrong. Just read it, or don't; either way, it's not going to stop them from writing, anymore than their judgment of your breath is going to stop you from breathing.


"Peace" is not when others let us get away with anything and everything we do and say to them no matter how rude, irresponsible, or inconsiderate, and not defend their boundaries, or express their emotions. It can only be achieved when we consciously don't do those things in the first place, and take responsibility for the times we slip. It can only be achieved with continual open, clear, and highly respectful communication. It can only be achieved when 'Peace' is the true objective.
In other words, if all in the household seek peace to be given to them by another, but do not make it their focus to give peace, then peace will fail. But if all in the household seek to GIVE peace to each and all of the others, then it will succeed.