Horses, Horses,Horses,Horses,

It was a cozy couch night, we have a real working TeeVee here that my Uncle Bill was gracious enough to bring, with a built in VCR. Mom and I had tea and popcorn, and Herr's Corn Curls (the GOOD kind...) and so I finally watched the notorious movie "Sleepless In Seattle". It really IS a touching flick, I don't ever expect filmmakers to get things like that. It was a pleasant surprise. I'm still not sure why Ron Wulff calls me Annie though.


I have enjoyed very much all of the visitors who have come to call. There are not many things better than breaking bread with wonderful, special people. I look forward to hearing the stories and adventures, and sharing the memories. I can't wait till the next time!

...a kiss is but a kiss...a sigh is but a sigh...


Couldn't bring mine, but they have rentals. But you're not allowed to take them where I want to go (always the way...which is why I need mine here...) hmm. Rowboats don't like rocks and branches. So I guess my only real option is to come back here with it. Next question: Will it fit on a Fatboy? (;

The End

T S Eliot

What we call a beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.

NewsFlash: In the future! When a girlfriend says "I don't think this guy is good for me, I don't like the way he is treating me," ... Believe her ! Don't talk her out of dumping the guy because you "understand" him! SHE is the one going out with him, if she feels like something's off, she is probably spot on. Support don't oppose. Now after holding on when she knew to let go, she's in much more pain than she would've been.

Oh, and~ if he is not messaging you, it means you are not on his mind... Why don't you just call the other one back? He is totally real, and not stuck up, very accomplished, funny, fun, witty, talented, and d d gorgeous~ oh right because you want the guy who ignores you and thinks he is better than you... The one who doesn't call or invite you anywhere, and who is obviously seeing at least one other woman, if not three- the attention whore who disses you, yes that's the one you should wait for! Wait until he's all healed from his pain and then he'll call you, hehehe... Remember when you did the very same thing to that sweet guy with the Cliffwalk house? This might be your payback, ouch.Maybe you should call HIM, see if you can make amends... ;) Wealthy men aren't all bad, you know. Some of them are very sweet.

St. Augustine

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"He that is not jealous is not in love."

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