How Nice Are We, Really? 1111

Most people really are only nice to those who have something they want, who do what they like, and who make them feel good about themselves. Altruism exists in humans, but it's rare, because human beings are generally more interested in gain, credit, and acceptance than anything else. Altruism means being nice to others even if they're not feeding one's ego, and it means treating others with respect even if they're not in one's "inner circle", even if they don't have something we want, even if they don't hold some kind of worldly "power", "authority", fame, or wealth, and it means giving, doing, and fixing solely because it's needed, with absolutely no expectation of reward or credit. Many people will hear (or read) this and think "yeah, that's how people are~" but they won't apply it to themselves, or observe or question their own motives and actions.

~Lisa, this is post 1111  ~:)

Space Invaders

Space Invaders:

People who don't respect the personal space of other human beings.
Space Invaders most often invade the space of those who are smaller than they are for any reason, such as shorter height, thinner build, or smaller due to youth. They are also seen invading the space of those they have assessed (correctly or incorrectly) to be physically weaker than themselves, emotionally less "tough", or who are in some way disabled, injured, ill, elderly, or in a weakened condition.