Willful Blindness

A key trait of Narcissism is willful blindness to one's own contribution to a negative situation.

Self-reflection and admission of one's own flaws in either action or character is too painful, too humiliating, or too terrifying for a person with Narcissism, whether they actually have the "disorder" or they're stuck there for self-preservation.

Hating a person who they've had some conflict with, who they envy, or who they've hurt or betrayed; trying to dump all blame on another person; trying to make another person submit to their control with intimidation, threats, meanness, or humiliation; hating a person who disagrees with them or doesn't give them something they want; excluding, disrespecting, and denying a person, and expecting them to accept the treatment because of their apparent "inferiority"; hating a person because they stood up for themselves or for someone else; having no interest in the well-being of the other person; wanting to see another feel pain or be crushed; trying to hurt or destroy another person's social or business reputation; and trying to inflict pain, suffering, and problems upon another person are all symptoms of Narcissism.

Fatal Error