Serious, Studious, Intensely Concentrating-Problem Solvers In Washington, D.C.

When is the last time everyone in your algebra class was working on a resolving a difficult problem, and they all kept getting up and blaming each other for how hard it is, calling each other names, casting shame, and getting on the PA to talk about their classroom "rivals"? Ever see your accountant do it? You don't even see it during a litigation process. The only other place you see the level of HISTRIONICS that comes out of Washington and is all over the media is on the Jerry Springer show. And WWE.
Know why?
Cuz it's all PRETEND.
What's the benefit of it on the Jerry Springer show, or on "Pro. Wrestling"? It's the SAME in Washington! They want your votes! They want to keep their jobs! They want to influence YOU, they want you to HATE THE OTHER GUY so they can get away with whatever they want!
It's called "theatrics" and "manipulation" and few do it better than Politicians!
If anyone was actually trying to resolve the issues WE want them to solve, they'd be QUIET AS MICE, working diligently at it, the way a person who's working on their own accounting, budgeting, and planning (or math problems) is.
QUIET, concentrating, helping each other figure it out.