Charging A Price For Human Connection: Narcissistic Abuse

We humans need connection with other people, it's really how we're made. That's what we are getting and seeking from relationships with those who are abusive toward us. Plants need sunlight (so do we), and social animals, which we are, need connection with their kind. In a real way, not a theoretical way. It's been proven in many studies over many years that we actually DO need it, we aren't just being "dependent" or "babyish", it's a "natural thing".

What happens with abusers, basically, is that they con a person into trusting them to connect with them. Then, when we make the connection and solidify it, when we believe and feel the connection, the Narcissist starts exacting a "price" for this connection.

As time goes by, while the connection grows more and more solid, like it would in a normal human connection, the "price" slowly grows steeper.

When the abuser feels confident that we are firmly connected to them, that we feel like they're plugged in together with us, they stop being cautious and become more and more demanding of their "price". The more they take, the less we have to give, and the less we have for ourselves. They tap into a target's energy and draw it out as if through a straw.

Abusers don't know how to have real connections that produce energy and growth. So they try to just TAKE what they want from a target. Some of them are fully aware of what they're doing, some aren't, so their reactions can vary widely when someone confronts them about it or tries to disconnect. Mostly they'll get upset and angry, even fly into a rage; sometimes they'll immediately just turn it around and accuse the target of being the one who was sucking their energy and resources dry, and act offended and "used and abused" to give themselves some kind of launch pad to run away (and feign innocence).

(If the target is a child, then conning is not necessary, they're a captive supply, and need the connection to survive so they'll gladly pay the price, they don't even know yet that it's not supposed to come with a price.)

Proving My ~~~ Hood

You really have to wonder about cultures that tell children they need to act a certain way and do certain things in order to BECOME the sex they already ARE.

What happens if they don't do those things, do their sex organs get sucked up into their bodies at the age of 21?

I don't thiiiink sooooo....

How about let's teach kids how to discern right from wrong, and treat others with civility and good will, regardless of their sex? Let's let them actually learn about what they're interested in, instead of dictating to them what they're ALLOWED to learn about and NOT ALLOWED to learn about, just because they were born male or female?

That would be too hard, wouldn't it...
we can only be happy if we have other people under our proverbial thumbs, huh?
So we can prove that we have thumbs?
Sorry, I forgot...

Political Correctness Sucks BECAUSE...

Political Correctness Sucks BECAUSE...

Because most people can't handle it.
Most people don't get it, they don't even know what it is, or why it got started in the first place.

And when I say "most people", I MEAN "most people", not just certain people.

It didn't start to become a weapon to use AGAINST people

It wasn't intended to become a shield for anyone with deviant or ridiculously immoral, abusive, or psychotic behavior.

It sure as shoe polish wasn't started as a POLITICAL TACTIC.

But since MOST PEOPLE have such a hard time NOT twisting everything to use for their own personal agenda, NOW "political correctness" has become ALL OF THE ABOVE.

Now, if John Johnson over there stands up for himself against an obviously, blatantly racist hiring practice in the public services where he lives, someone is going to accuse him of trying to be "Politically Correct", as if he's doing something whiny and underhanded.

It's TRULY INCREDIBLE how Control Freaks seem to completely lack LOGIC or SENSE.

Discrimination against a person means:

Uhhh, standing up against THAT ridiculous clap trap that belongs locked behind the gates of a third grade playground would be called "A NORMAL RESPONSE", not "extreme leftist politics".

(Are you shitting me?)

Or wait a minute, I'm wrong? Well GOOD! Then when I become Mayor, you'll have no problem when I create a hostile environment for anyone who's not MY SEX, MY ANCESTRY (guess what, I'm Mohawk, Scottish, and Irish, so hope you're one of them...) and goes to MY CHURCH. Not just my religion, but my actual CHURCH.

People who are too tall, sorry, nope, your head might hit the door frame and you might get a concussion, and THEN where would we be? You're probably going to SUE! FORGET IT! I'm not taking the chance, that' would be STUPID!

If I don't feel completely and totally COMFORTABLE WITH YOU on a PERSONAL LEVEL, then YOU ARE NOT GOING TO WORK IN MY TOWN, and I'm just gonna tell you to QUIT WHINING every time you bring ANYTHING UP that you don't like. So you might as well move before the harassment starts.

Y'all are right, screw being fair and non-discriminatory! 
It's a heck of a lot more fun to just try to get more power for ME and my buds! And screw everyone else! 


Why Does It Bother You If You're Not A Bigot?

It's only bigots who hate it when people bring up prejudices like sexism and racism; I don't abuse animals, so it doesn't "get on my nerves" when people post about animal cruelty. It gets on my nerves when the Humane Society runs those very, very long commercials in the middle of the show I'm watching, but that's because they are trying to manipulate me into watching their very long commercial by running it in the middle of the show. It's not the CONTENT that bothers me, it's the fact that if I want to watch the show, I'm forced to deal with the long commercial.
When another human being brings up bigotry, and ESPECIALLY when they're talking about something that happened to them personally, what the hell reason would I have for trying to "shut them down", or argue with them? There's only one reason why I'd argue with a person who was upset about getting treated unfairly or with obvious bigotry, and that would be... that I feel defensive. Because I see myself in what they're upset about. I want it to be perfectly okay to treat a man like he's stupid just because he's a man, or a white person like they're arrogant just because they're white, or be dismissive toward Native Americans when they talk about what's happened to them. Maybe it makes me feel powerful, and like I fit in with everyone else who's habitually bigoted. Maybe I like it when I can get a laugh by making fun of women, or women who look a certain way, so I don't want it to change, so I want the upset person to shut up about it, even if they're one of my "friends" or family members.
I don't want it to change because I think it serves ME, I don't give a crap about how it affects anyone else, they're not as real as I am anyway. Right? Right. It's just the way things are... lol.

"What's she writing about now? Something else that I feel defensive about?!? How dare she post stuff that I don't like! Who does she think she is, a real person like me???! I shouldn't have to read things that make me uncomfortable!!!" lmbo.