Do REMEMBER THIS! When most people reject a person, it's hardly ever about something the person actually did "wrong", or that they're weird, boring, or "not good enough". It's actually almost always about the REJECTOR'S comfort and/or ego. If your interests are too different from a less mature/insecure person's interests, they can feel uncomfortable. If your thought process is faster, slower, or different than theirs, they can feel uncomfortable. If your APPEARANCE is glitzier than theirs, or LESS glitzy than theirs, and they are insecure, they will probably be uncomfortable. If you have a higher college degree or a lower one than they do, (either way), they can feel uncomfortable.

If they habitually seek "friends" who they can follow, and you're not up for the Leadership position, they will probably reject you. If they habitually seek "friends" who they can boss around, and you're not up for the Follower position, they will probably reject you.

The more narrow their comfort zone, the more difficult it will be for anyone to fit inside of it. The weaker their boundaries, the more controlling about other people they will be.

Most humans want to have friends, but few are willing or able to be one back. Most humans want tons of understanding, empathy, support, encouragement, help, or even applause or sympathy, but they don't think much about giving it back. Most want others to be on time and hold up their agreements, but they don't think much about being prompt themselves, or holding up their own end of an agreement. Most want friends who are good listeners and don't judge them, but they don't try very hard to return the favor. Most want others to understand all their ups and downs, and when they're in process of getting something accomplished, but they aren't very understanding or enlightened about others.

Most want people to see them in a highly respectable light and  treat them accordingly, regardless of how they might appear from the outside, but it doesn't  much occur to them to treat others the same way.

REMEMBER that when you get rejected by other people, like you're "not good enough" or like they don't "like" you, it's very rarely because you actually "deserve" it. It's almost always because you don't fit inside the very small box of their comfort zone. And who would WANT TO?!? Be GRATEFUL that you aren't that small!

Question And Explore

Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't question and explore your world. I used to think it wrong to question things; it would make people uncomfortable, it would mean I was not getting it when everyone else did, it would mean that I lacked faith, it would mean that people might be offended because some questions were considered inappropriate... Good people took other good people's words as the way it is. Don't test the thickness of the ice you're walking on if you were told it's thick enough. Don't question it further.

It's considered disrespectful or a form of rebellion to study things our for yourself, to notice inconsistencies and ask about them, to search on your own. Sometimes stories were told about that; curiosity killed the cat, don't stray off the path handed to you or you will get get lost; asking too many questions means you have a learning problem; or even asking too many questions makes you a smart-alack.

You were given a heart and a mind for reason. You are here to explore your soul, to explore your world, to determine what works for you, and what does not... to determine if what everyone believes is even true for you. You are here to to explore your truth! You are here to test, to question and learn of your own path. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't question and explore your world. ♥
 ~ Lisa Concidine