Patriarchy Matriarchy Humanarchy

A culture that consistently calls women who aren't afraid to speak their minds "characters", "brave", or "intelligent", and men who aren't afraid to speak their minds "bitches", "crazy", or "out of line", is ultimately doomed to fail. Or was it the other way around?.. well it doesn't matter, it's the same result either way.

Blame Game: Narcissism

"Ok I have a narcissists blame others for everything?? and I mean everything...."


They are INCAPABLE of accepting responsibility for ANYTHING.

To a narcissist:

Youre hurt? YOUR FAULT
They disrespected you? Nope. YOU'RE too sensitive.
You feel lonely? YOURE TOO NEEDY.

You see the pattern. The only thing a narc would cop to are GOOD things.

Great party? THEIR idea.
Great sex? They're a sexual god..."

~ After Narcissistic Abuse There Is Light And Love 
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