Narcissist's Voracious Appetite

On a basic level, the person who has severe narcissism is much like a wild animal who has lost their fear of humans; the animal will not bite as long as the humans keep feeding it, and drop their own lives to focus on feeding the animal. The animal even acts tame and friendly, as long as it is being fed, as long as the humans don't stop in order to take care of themselves. If the humans believe that the animal intends to be their friend, behaving considerately and respectfully toward them, or returning their caring behavior, they are mistaken; the animal's intention is to be fed by them, not to feed them, care for them, join them in activities, or protect them. The moment the humans do not make the animal the center of their attention and their lives, and give it what it wants, EVEN if they are doing something very important (like caring for themselves or for another human), the animal will feel abandoned, angry, and hungry, and will then storm the cabin and demand to be fed, and accuse the humans of abuse and neglect. Possibly rage at them, destroy things, threaten, or bite them. The narcissist does not understand that other beings, besides themselves (and sometimes their "pack"), are "real", or important, and does not have any compulsion to care for them, respect them, or be considerate of them. The only emotional experience they have is what happens or does not happen TO THEMSELVES, and they do not check to see if their reactions and judgment are accurate or not. All they know is they feel something. They don't care why, what happened, what the needs or feelings of others are, or what's really going on. (The wild animal would blame the humans if it ate all of the food in the cabin, and go after the humans in anger, with zero comprehension that IT was the reason that the food is all gone, zero remorse for taking the human's food, and zero memory about the humans treating it so well, feeding it and treating it with friendship and kindness.)


Liberals tolerate other people lifestyles and choices. Liberals listen to other people's opinions even if they are not the same as their own. Liberals WANT TO hear other people's Points Of View. Liberals RESPECT other human beings as equals, and stand up for them when they are under the attack of prejudices and hostility.
Liberals DO NOT resent those who are wealthier than themselves, nor do they look down on those who are less wealthy than themselves.
Liberals WANT to find solutions, REGARDLESS of WHO came up with the idea.
Liberals DO NOT believe that having a COLLEGE DEGREE makes you "smarter"; they know that a degree is a degree, not a PEDIGREE. They also DO NOT RESENT those who DO have a college degree.
Liberals DO NOT think that they're friends and cronies are better, smarter, stronger, faster, cooler, and superior. They tolerate spelling and grammar mistakes, but they don't think those mistakes makes a person "cool". They know every human on the planet makes mistakes every day. They are AGAINST superiority complexes, prejudice, cronyism, sexism, arrogance, male superiority, female superiority, atheism superiority, any kind of elitist complex.
MANY PEOPLE believe they are "Liberals" because they are against someone else's beliefs, or because they think they're TOO COOL for school. Liberalism is not being a rebel without a clue, it's about TOLERANCE. That means the Liberal FULLY RESPECTS the right of another person to believe what they believe, and they RESPECT another person's input and information, ESPECIALLY if it's not the same as what they already think or have heard. They DO NOT tolerate bullying, and they don't bully, and they know the difference between a discussion about a subject, and a personal attack. Liberals DO NOT sympathize with a bully, regardless of who the bully's target is. In other words, a TRUE LIBERAL does not simply take the side of the Union against the Corporation; a TRUE LIBERAL wants freedom, liberty, and protected rights for EVERY person, including the individuals persons who are running the corporation and the workers who belong to the union. A TRUE LIBERAL would not REQUIRE employees to join a Union.
I know a lot of people who call themselves Liberals. I don't know a lot of people who actually practice it.