From Star Struck to Devaluation

Being stuck in the preadolescent stage of being "star struck" is part of the mystery behind devaluation. (Devaluation is when a person seems to suddenly decide that a person they admired or held in high esteem is now unattractive, less worthy, or holds no "value" as a person.)

The person who is stuck in this stage only sees those who are in some kind of limelight or position of authority as "Worthy" or "Knowledgeable". They tend to admire those they don't know well, or don't know at all, who seem beyond reach.

People they know personally are usually categorized (in their minds) as "just regular people" with no expertise or experience beyond their own. For example if their brother is a Neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins, he's "just a doctor", but if that brother's coworker, another Neurosurgeon, was being recognized at a ceremony or on TV, then THAT guy "knows what he's talking about". They will probably even advise their brother to "listen to that guy, he knows his stuff". Or ask their "just a doctor" brother what it's like to work near such a SMART MAN.

When a person stuck in this stage sees or meets a new person, they immediately assess whether the person has some kind of fame or authority (even on a local level), or is "just a regular person". They will automatically admire, follow, seek approval from, or pursue a personal relationship with the person if they have assessed them as having authority or popularity. If they've assessed the person as "just Regular", they will often be dismissive and even disrespectful toward the person. In their minds, anyone who holds some kind of authority or popularity automatically "deserves" their extra respect, and anyone who doesn't is not worthy of genuine respect, and should not expect it.
When those who are stuck in this stage find a new person whom they assess as having authority or popularity, they will often pursue a relationship with them (platonic or romantic). Eventually they will, of course, find out that the person is "Just a Regular Person", because that's just reality~ there is no other kind of human being, every person is a "Regular Person" regardless of their level of fame or position of authority. When they see that this "Great Person" is just a "Regular Person", they will often become very disappointed, like a kid who finds out that Superman was a "Regular Person" in a costume, or that the Tooth Fairy was their Mom or Dad, or that Alice Cooper is more of a history and science nerd who plays golf than a "Rock Star".

However, unlike adults who get to know the person better on a more intimate level, building friendship and trust, and become genuine friends with them, they instead BLAME the person for NOT actually being Superman, or Santa, or a permanent Super Model, or a Rock Star. They will REJECT the person, and treat them with blatant disrespect, as if they are suddenly unworthy of even common courtesy and civility. It appears that the Star Struck person's sudden disdain toward the target person can be likened to a feeling of betrayal, as if the object of their fantasy had PURPOSELY "tricked" them into believing they were something that they were not.

For a person to fulfill the Star Struck person's fantasy version of themselves, they would have to be one-dimensional, and ONLY EVER BE this image of whatever the Star Struck person holds in their head. Fulfilling this image is not even in the realm of possibility. ALL human beings are "Regular People" with real personalities, needs, quirks, shortsightedness, and ups and downs. Only those who are purposely faking their personality, or who are literally insane, don't show other facets of themselves.

The Star Struck also are easy prey for Political Leaders, Sports Franchises, Religious Cults, and Media Franchises, because they so adulate those with any kind of fame or authority, and therefore will follow and believe them easily.

They can not really be loyal, faithful, or trustworthy, either as partners, friends, or in business, because their "loyalty" is based on their idealization of a person. Once they see someone as a "Regular Person", they are no longer enamored with them, and become bored very quickly. They will then find a NEW person to follow or pursue, a new person whom they see as having "authority", or some level of "fame", popularity, or power.
If the "old" person appears to gain popularity, wealth, or authority, the Star Struck person will often contact them again, seeking to "re-connect" with them, trying to make them believe they had always cared about them and have good intentions toward them.