Natural Authority, Entitlement

Those who grow up being taught that certain people have some kind of natural right to have CONTROL over other adults will often try to become such a person (a "boss" person). They were likely taught that it's actually a real thing, that certain people have a natural right and entitlement to be the "boss" over other people. Since they think it's true, they of course would rather be in the position of "boss" than "subordinate", because "subordinates" have to live their lives UNDER a "boss", and don't have personal freedom or access to resources.
IF one believes that there really are natural "bosses" who get to have control over other human beings, then it stands to reason that they are going to want to have that position if they CAN, and in their minds, it would be a matter of quality of life and survival.
Unless they come to realize through experience and maturity that all adults are equal in natural "status", that no one has a "natural right" to have control and power over others, and that no one was born as an "automatic subordinate" to anyone else, they will of course continue to try to be a "Boss" person. Because there are only two choices in their mind: "Boss" or "Subordinate". They don't know any differently.

It is worth noting that those who believe either consciously or subconsciously that "Boss Entitlement" is real will project this onto others as well. So they will assume that another person is either a "Boss" or a "Subordinate", and they will interpret the person's actions as either "trying to be a Boss", or "submitting to authority". In other words they see all people in either a Control/Authority role, OR a Subordinate/Follower role. And they will interpret other people's actions, behaviors, and expressions INSIDE of those parameters. (So if they think a person "should be" a "subordinate", but the person is not ACTING like a "subordinate" is "supposed to act", then they will interpret all of their actions as rebellion or insolence. If they think a person "should be" a "boss", but the person is not ACTING controlling and domineering towards others, then they will interpret their actions and behavior as weak and submissive. They simply are not ABLE to see others, or themselves, as human beings OUTSIDE of these authority/subordinate, leader/follower parameters. )