Psych Wards: Helpful, Or Dangerous? Depends Who's Running It

Many psych wards are filled with young people who's Narcissistic parents loved them right into the ground, and then handed them over to "health care professionals" who happily agreed to label the young person "defective", and blame them for ALL the problems, both in their own lives and in the family, and then proceed to give them drugs and electric shock therapy in order to continue and strengthen the control over them, instead of helping them heal the effects of living in an abusive or neglectful family and/or community, and empowering them.

This used to be a practice for Narcissistic husbands to target their wives as well. The fields of psychiatry and medicine were populated by mostly men, and many enjoyed believing that women were inferior creatures, (see, that's the reason men were doctors and women were not... ...and yes, they were actual adults who came up with that kind of rationalization.. ) so the Narc. husbands had an easier time back then contacting a male psychiatrist who was ready, willing, and eager to diagnose the unstable, babbling, 'headstrong' woman with some sort of severe mental illness, and put her in a ward, and give her "medicine" or "therapy".

This is not a "conspiracy rant", it's reality.

That wasn't really that long ago, a lot of those people are still alive and well, the culture is still quite influenced with that sort of superiority thinking. Only now, not only are there still a lot of caucasian men who want to be superior because they're men, but there are also plenty of others "kinds" of humans who want to join their RANKS, because they have a medical degree, or some other degree or title. (Or for whatever reason.) So if they can't be superior due to being a caucasian male doctor, because they're not a man, or they're not white, then they'll pick something else that works for them, (like their degree, title, or job.)

Having innate superiority, for whatever reason, means your WORD is like "God's Word", and no one can question it, your word is absolute truth, law, and accuracy.


If I diagnose her with Bipolar, then that's what she has, and there is NOTHING ELSE GOING ON in her life.
If I say her past doesn't matter, then that's all there is to it.
If I like her family or her parents, or her partner, then they didn't act abusively or neglectfully toward her, it's all HER.
If you're her friend or relative and you want me to listen to more information about her, her past, and her life, I'm probably going to tell you to go away, because I already figured it out! So shut up, you!
If your information contradicts my diagnosis and decisions, I'll just label YOU "crazy" too!

Of course not all psychiatrists or other professionals do this, or are Narcissistic, but there are enough of them that they have a huge direct effect on the ones who actually CARE and RESPECT patients, and who know what they're doing.

A psychiatrist, psychologist, neurologist, any sort of MD, oncologist, surgeon... nurse or therapist, or anyone else who works with humans (like school workers), who has arrogance or know-it-all issues, and is more concerned about their career and image than their patients, can be very dangerous to their patients, clients or students, and in the psychology fields especially there are very few checks and balances.

In the case of an oncologist, for example, if the patient is diagnosed "terminal", then what kind of consequences are there going to be for the oncologist if the patient dies? ... the anwer is zero...

On the other side of this coin, there are also those psych. workers and school workers who will jump to the conclusion that everything that's "wrong" with a person is the fault of the parents, or one parent. They can be just as dangerous, because they also have a "know it all" problem, and apparently don't understand exploration, information gathering, or objective observation, and will base their treatment of the person on their own assumptions and beliefs, instead of whatever is really going on.

Protect yourself, protect your kids, because Narcissists won't, regardless of their relationship with you, or their job.

Protesting Unfairness! With A Side Of Whine!

People who cry about unfair government and all the bad people in the world, and then treat the people right around them with disrespect, hostility, arrogance and condescension crack me up.

Where do they think all the crap in the world comes from, the sky?

It's just from people treating other people like crap and feeling entitled to do it because of delusions
of grandeur and natural superiority.

Everyone who does that is one of "them", one of "those" people who are making the world a crappier place.

We don't have to treat other people like Uber Royalty in order to NOT treat them like crap, it's not nearly that dramatic. Just treat them with the GENUINE respect and consideration that WE want and expect to be treated with, and that we're capable of.

(That we know you're capable of, because we have no problem treating people we want approval and attention from in a respectful way. )

Blaming Entire Groups For One's Own Pain

A symptom common in several personality disorders is placing blame for all of one's own problems, or all the world's problems, on not only another person, but also on an entire group of humans.

This is nearly always a learned behavior AND perception from childhood, from the influence of other people around the person as they were growing up.

That's why whatever group is getting "blamed" for everything in one household in the community is ALSO the same group getting "blamed" for everything in several other households in the same community.
If you go to another community in another region, it will be a DIFFERENT group that's getting blamed for everything.

Often this "bad" group is the opposite sex, or sometimes one's own sex. In other words, it's the fault of WOMEN that my life is terrible, men are pretty much innocent and so am I... or it's the fault of MEN.

Not as a joke, the person will say something like " MEN are all....only after one thing... all con artists...all control freaks...all dogs..." etc., and they actually mean "All men."

Or they'll say something like "All Women are (or "All YOU women are...).. all the same... they all want such and such, or they're all so-and-so."

Or this "bad group" might be "all rich people" or "all poor people", "all black people" or "all white people", "all Democrats" or "all Republicans", "all older people" or "all young people", "all non-religious people", or "all Christians", "all Europeans", "all Americans", "all those people on the other side of town", "all those kids with the leather jackets", "all those adults with the business clothes", etc., etc.

Humans, and especially those with personality disorders, tend to have a problem with grouping OTHER people together and making them into "enemies" who are "inferior", while whomever they identify with as their "own group" is apparently completely wonderful, without blame, innocent, and pure as the driven snow.
So when they have problems in their life, they often group people together based on any superficial trait, and then make that entire group into the Enemy, so they have somewhere to dump ALL or MOST OF the blame for their problems. People OTHER THAN themselves, OTHER THAN the GROUP who they identify themselves with.

Unfortunately, children who are exposed to this can end up believing whatever they hear being said, and internalize it. So they can end up growing up to loathe and disrespect either the opposite sex or their OWN sex. Or often people of certain races or ancestries, financial "classes", certain regions, certain social, political, or religious groups, civil servants, etc.

Whoever the adults around them grouped together and made "enemies" out of, the children will often grow up hating or disrespecting as well, just because they grew up listening to the adults. And then when they end up having some kind of issue or conflict with a person of that sex, race, class, or whatever, they will see it as confirmation that the bias against them was TRUE!
BUT... when they have a conflict with someone who they identify themselves with, (like another man, or another woman, or another person of their own race), they WILL NOT take it as anything more than just a conflict, like they did with the other person.

In fact, they will usually DOWNPLAY the conflict with the person they identify themselves with, and IGNORE obvious signs that the person has a manipulative or sinister agenda.

So when a person they have prejudice against already simply disagrees with them, they'll often fly into a rage, or Ad Hominem attacks and insults against the person, or judge them to an extreme extent, perhaps try to humiliate or sabotage them, even attack them if their mental illness is severe enough.

But when a person whom they IDENTIFY WITH disagrees with them, that's just "normal conversation"... If that person does something that's ACTUALLY "bad", such as assault, theft, rape, black market trafficking, or other attack, they probably won't REJECT the person, and they might say something like "oh that was a bad choice you made.." or "Oh he/she was down on their luck" or "I'm sure it wasn't nearly as bad as it sounds." or "He/she couldn't help it."

Since they are SO SYMPATHETIC to people whom they identify with personally, they then think of themselves as a "Nice Person".

They'll also tend to display "integrity" and "ethics" toward the group they identify themselves with, but NOT toward groups they've made into "Other" or "Enemy".

SO, if they identify themselves as a "Black MAN", then when another Black MAN comes into their auto mechanic shop, they will probably make sure he gets "proper customer service" and will give him a "good price", because they're such a "good guy"...
But if a woman of African descent (in other words Black WOMAN, not a Black MAN).. comes into their auto mechanic shop, they may or may NOT be honest about the repairs her car needs, or DOESN'T need, and they may or may NOT charge her the same price for the same service that they just charged the man.

It doesn't matter what THEY are, or what they identify themselves AS. It can be ANY race, ancestry, financial class, either sex, ANY KIND of POSSIBLE WAY TO GROUP HUMANS TOGETHER.

The group they identify themselves with gets treated with "integrity", "respect", "ethics", and "sympathy", but not OTHER groups. Therefore they don't ACTUALLY HAVE integrity or ethics.

~(Where else could it come from?)
Besides humans having a tendency to be "tribal", prejudiced, and hostile toward others who are not just like themselves, this issue CAN be a ripple from a larger Cultural effect from real events in the history of a region, or the history of an ancestry, such as obvious historical examples such as European Caucasians attacking and oppressing Native Americans, or keeping Africans as slaves and oppressing them. Or men in many countries including America and Europe purposely oppressing women of all ancestries in order to keep control (of pretty much everything) until quite recently in modern history, including their own kin. There are thousands of examples of one group attacking, oppressing, or killing another, over and over throughout human history, from the Egyptians to the Romans to the Africans to the Middle East, from Genghis Khan to Caesar to King Ramses, thousands that we can read about, and thousands that were not recorded. Or in current times, Middle Eastern men oppressing, and even killing their own female kin, and attacking and killing others who are not exactly the same as they are. Or Chinese people killing their own babies in the name of population control. Or African men who rape their own female kin as a "sport". There are hundreds of examples NOW, in THIS CURRENT era of one group of humans attacking or oppressing another group.

It's not hard to understand why many people would latch onto resentment toward ALL the members of a group who attack or oppress another group. as if they ALL participate in these acts, as if they're ALL of the same mindset. But reality is actually quite different. Of COURSE not ALL European Caucasians willingly participated in oppressing Native Americans or Africans. If that were the case, there would have been no Civil War, no Underground Railroad, no Caucasian people fighting OTHER Caucasians, often risking or losing their lives, for the freedom, rights, and protection of Natives and Africans. It was MEN who actually changed the laws to stop oppressing the freedom and rights of women, because they were the ones holding the QUILLS to re-write the laws. It was not ALL men who wanted women not to have rights, it was SOME men, who apparently suffered from the same mental illness issues this article is about.

There HAVE been some groups where ALL of the members were of the same mindset when they were attacking or oppressing another group, but that's not usually the case. That's usually found in smaller bands of individuals who are displaying extremely aggressive behavior, who share some sort of severe psychosis, or who are all under the influence of either terror or drugs, being led by one or a handful of psychopaths. Hitler is one of the most poignant examples of this. He had a few fellow psychopaths who helped him keep the rest of the people in the Nazi party in a state of perpetual FEAR. Only those with serious mental illness or psychosis actually willingly helped and participated in the notoriously hideous actions. Others who reluctantly participated did it in reaction to fear of death, torture, or fear of their families being killed (which was threatened often). Still others pretended to participate in order to avoid those horrific consequences, and still others fought against the Nazi party from the "inside", protecting and hiding people at their own peril, or helping the "Allies".

It's always like that in larger groups of humans. ALL of the members of any group are not going to be willing participants in harming or oppressing, or even disrespecting other human beings.

Extroverts And Introverts

Extroverts are inclined to judge Introverts as "shy", "weird", or even "stuck up".
Introverts are inclined to judge Extroverts as "asinine", "stupid", and "stuck up".

Which one are you?

Codependency and Cultural Control Issue That Sabotages Livelihood and Quality Of Life For Many

Codependency/enmeshment problem especially common for women in Western Cultures, and other cultures as well:

As a consequence of the fear of assumptions and judgments from other people, many girls and women end up abandoning goals and projects that they need help with, or might be successful at.

In order to ensure that they won't get bullied, blocked, or sabotaged, they often seek approval, agreement, support, or assistance from those in their personal circle.

If they can't get a friend, family member, or their partner to help them, they would have to do their project completely alone, or get someone else outside of their personal circle to help them or work with them.

Which means the odds of social DRAMA, gossip, assumptions, and bad behavior from others, even sabotage or abuse, become high.
A jealous partner, for example, is very likely to accuse their female partner of having some sort of hidden relationship with a man who is helping her with any sort of project, just like he would about a male coworker or classmate. Then, he's likely to make things difficult or embarrassing, or both, for her, which will probably destroy the project, driving away anyone who's assisting her with it, IF she was lucky enough to actually FIND someone who was willing to assist her without trying to take over.

Since this type of controlling jealous behavior is VERY COMMON in most Western culture regions, women OFTEN find themselves between a rock and a hard place with any kind of creative endeavor, business, or even education.
If her partner won't help her with a project, she either has to find a female to help her, or a male relative, someone he won't feel jealous or resentful toward. And if she can't, then she can feel like she has no choice but to give up on her goal or project. If she can't get his agreement or support in her goal, or if he doesn't "like" the other people involved, she can feel like she CAN'T do the project, as if his approval is required, as if he's her parent, and she is his child, instead of her peer, which is what he actually is.
She can feel that either she can be in a relationship and allow her partner to pretty much direct her life, either with blatant "bossing" or with passive aggressive control, or she can deal with his control and jealousy issues while trying to get her goals met and her projects accomplished, and deal with gossip and rumors from others as well regarding any males she's working with, OR she can give up being in a relationship at all and then only have to deal with the general cultural behaviors but without a partner.

So what happens when:

~you want to start an Art Gallery, but no one in your close personal circle wants to help you, and the only people you can find to help you are men?

~your interests are in biology and physics, but you can't find any girls or women who share your interests, only boys and men in your area?

~your interests are in engineering, building trades, or craftsmanship, but the only people who share your interests in your region are men, and most of them have ego-identity issues with their masculinity?

~you are trying to get a creative project going, and you need others to help, but the only people you can find who are interested in helping are men (or boys), and most of them want to be the "leader" even though it's YOUR project, and regardless of their experience or knowledge level?
(Many boys and men are actually taught that it's okay to always try to be the "boss" in any situation with a girl or woman, instead of being taught ethical behavior and integrity, and that if the girl or woman doesn't allow them to be, that it's okay to have a temper tantrum or "retaliate". Welcome to Third-Grade-Land, btw, it's quite real.)

~you just work with men or boys only anyway, and try to deal with those who have insecurity and masculinity issues, but your male partner is very jealous, even though he refuses to be involved in your project or your interests?

~you work with men or boys anyway, but others in your region, and even some of those men, start spreading trashy rumors about you because they're intimidated, jealous, or resentful?

~What do you do? MOST girls and women actually give up their real interests and goals in male-biased cultures, because the social pressure is actually VERY severe, and is loaded with direct bullying and sabotage by both boys and girls, men and women. BOTH boys and girls are "steered" into gender roles, in nearly all human cultures, and most of those cultures give males much more freedom of movement and access to resources, and peer support, and are much more controlling and oppressive toward females. Some openly ADMIT cultural control, and others DENY IT, using very Passive Aggressive, manipulative tactics instead, which are probably much more damaging. (Compare careers and education of Western culture girls and women and Eastern culture girls and women, in general.)

It's all a direct result of humans being social primates who are much more emotional, reactive, aggressive, competitive and controlling than we seem to think we are as a species.

Women in a given region who exacerbate the stereotypes, gender roles and conditioning will often TARGET a woman who does not go along with the cultural agenda.

This is not JUST about controlling WOMEN, it's also very much about controlling MEN and boys.
(Boys who have been treated as outsiders are often able to see it pretty clearly, but will usually be ignored or shut down if they talk about it, just like women who talk about it get ignored and shut down by those who don't want the status quo to change because it serves them personally.)

Is It Sexism, Or Not?

If you're not sure if something is "sexist" or not, or biased FOR one sex or not, ~~whether the possible target is male or female, and regardless of the sex of the possible "perpetrators", ~~
switch the target person in your mind to the opposite sex, and see how the situation shifts, or if it doesn't shift.

In other words:  

If you're wondering if a person is getting treated with favoritism by a certain group because they're biased toward their sex, switch their sex in your imagination, but ONLY their sex, and keep everything else about them the same: their gestures, the way they speak, their body language, and what they say. If they were the same person, doing the same things, but the opposite sex, would the group still treat them like they were the best thing since sliced bread? Or would they reject them, or treat them like they're "weird" or "unstable"?

If you're wondering about a group of people being condescending or arrogant toward you, think about how they would treat you if you were yourself, but the opposite sex, in the exact same situation. How would they treat you? Would it be the same, or would they treat you better? Would they treat you with more respect, even though you would have exactly the same experience, knowledge, and capability as you do now, just because you were the other sex?
Watch how they treat others of each sex as well in the same situation.

If you're wondering about a community you happen to be in, or are thinking about moving to, get a good look around before committing to anything. If your son is creative and scientific,, cares about animals and others, with a pleasant, respectful demeanor, and you move to an area where the people are always trying to make boys "prove their masculinity" by acting a certain way, acting "tough", disrespecting girls and women, and shaming them for having any interests outside of a very limited set of preset parameters, he'll probably have to deal with continual childish behavior from other kids, and from adults as well, and he'll probably have a hard time making friends, and receive very little support from adults in the area, if any.
If your daughter plays guitar, loves science, is very creative, and likes to build things, she will likely also get bullied and ostracized as well, by both kids and adults. Which also means they probably won't be safe, because they'll be bully targets and no one will have their back.
Communities that force children into specific and limited gender roles don't like people (or children) who won't follow along with their agenda, so they'll often target them for bullying and/or ostracism. Since it's about control, there are consequences for refusing to be controlled. 
If you find that a group of people you're involved with or have met is treating people with favoritism or disrespect due to a person's sex, then you know that you're dealing with people who have gender-role and bias issues. So if you're the sex that's favored, they'll treat you better automatically, and if you're the sex that's disfavored, they'll be likely to behave disrespectfully and oppressively toward you. This will be the case for your loved ones as well, your children, siblings, parents, and your partner, as well as your friends.
Armed with this knowledge and awareness, you can choose to either use their bias issues to your advantage, or choose to tread carefully, or choose to bow out.  They're not likely to change, or to hear you if you talk about it, because they're invested in ego and belief and constantly reinforcing one another's fantasies and beliefs.
(If you notice, they'll be throwing their own kids, relatives, friends, and own selves under the bus in order to keep their status quo.)
So it's up to you to choose, stay and deal with it, or go.

Envy, Competition, Desire, Ego, and War

Envy is a common motive behind
bullying, insult, slander, libel,
sabotage, and war.

Competition for attention, credit,
popularity, status, affection,
favoritism, resources, and
business is a close runner-up.

Desire for possession and control
over a person or a group of people
is another motive.

If the human species suddenly evolved just
a little bit, these issues would no longer exist.

Self-Righteousness And NPD

Self-righteousness, elevating one's self to be "above reproach", and judging others to be inferior for various "reasons" are traits of Narcissistic disorder.

"I am naturally, categorically above those other people, therefore my thoughts and feelings are correct, right, and righteous, and in comparison to mine, theirs are flawed, invalid, nonsensical, wrong, and insignificant."

"I am physically superior to those people, and therefore supreme."

"I have more than those people have, therefore I have more power, and deserve more power."

"They have more power, control, and material wealth than I do right now, but I am the one who deserves to have power, wealth, and control over them, because I am superior to them."

Defensiveness And Power

Black-and-white thinkers often assume that if another person's statement, opinion, or point of view does not sound exactly the same as their own (even if it IS the same, but is said in a slightly different way), then they must be "against" them.

It's either "right" or "wrong",
they're either "with me" or "against me",
they either "get it" or they're "clueless",
they're either "good" (like me), or "bad" (not like me).

This black-and-white thinking, team-making, and assumption-making has been affecting humanity adversely for millennia, and the effects can be seen throughout history in war after war, oppression after oppression, horror after horror, and right now in the modern era, from global issues all the way to family problems.

Humans are just people, no matter who they are or where they're from. We're all the same species, no one has natural supremacy over anyone else. "Power" is created with the gathering of resources, weapons, territory, and other humans, not born in an individual (a statement that only upsets those who want natural power to be real, so they can have it, or so that someone they admire can have it). So when we share our points of view there is no real reason to take sides or become defensive, no one has more inherent power or authority than anyone else in the natural world, it only exists when it's believed to exist.

Religion And Male Supremacy

There actually are religious teachings and writings that specifically instruct that males are superior to females, and therefore have automatic authority over them. Obviously not the "word of God", because it directly contradicts the teachings about humility, cooperation, and respecting one another. There is no humility in subjugation, it's simply not possible, because it requires superiority.

If one sex gets to be superior to the other and have natural authority over the other, and that was actually the word of God, then that would apply to anyone and everyone regardless of their mental health state, status, wealth, or job. In other words, if males have natural authority over females, then the man down the street who watches child porn and plots retaliation against his neighbors for playing music he doesn't like has "natural authority" over all the women in the neighborhood, the female doctors at the hospital, the female state troopers, your mother, my mother, our daughters, and all of the women in the world. Natural authority is natural authority, status is status. It's either real, or it's not.

It would not be any different for a religion to create reasons for women to have entitled natural authority over all men. Would that be fair, or right? Of course not, and neither is the other way around, both are simply about ego and desire for control.

Many also claim, in the name of religion, superiority over others due to ancestry. Same thing, either it's real and absolute, if it's God's word, or it's not. Either there are actually ancestries that deserve natural authority over the others, or there are NONE, for any reason whatsoever. And since there is no such thing as "pure ancestry" with a straight line back to the first humans, and "race" is simply a matter of chromosomes that are switched on or off, it's really a silly card to play. "Races" are no more separate species than the sexes.

There also are now, and have been throughout the centuries many individuals, including Constantine, who specifically chose/choose certain writings, and dispensed of others, and purposely made sweeping decrees and publications, and built with their ample resources very large organizations in order to justify their power, and keep themselves, their descendants, and their sex in power.

Humility and subjugation do not exist in the same place, ever.
One can not be humble and superior at the same time.
Humility, cooperation, and respect, however, all go hand in hand.

The Lion And The Field Mouse

The Lion And The Field Mouse
by Mimi Black

A field mouse lives in a hole in the lions' cage
at the zoo. The only food and water she gets is what
she can glean from the lion’s daily rations, and from
what she can find outside the cage, where she must
avoid being caught and killed by humans and other
predators such as birds and roaming cats.
She learned to avoid cheese-baited traps when
the end of her tail was cut off by one of them
snapping down on her when she tried to gather the
cheese. She has lived in the hole in the lions' cage
for three years, and has successfully raised babies,
in spite of the obstacles she must face every day.
The lions try to catch her when they see
her, but so far have not been successful.
The lions are fed and given water, health checks,
attention and affection by the zookeepers;
the mouse only gets chased with a broom.
Everyone is careful about how they treat the lions
because of their teeth, claws, and bad temper,
but no one is careful about how they treat the mouse,
because they don’t fear her. 
No one protects her, and unlike the lions,
she is usually alone, with no one to help her.  

Which is tougher, the lion or the mouse?

Group Treating You Rudely Or Weirdly

A whole group of people you have little contact with acts weird around you, doesn't talk to you, doesn't greet you, ignores you when you speak, treats you stand-offishly like you'll contaminate them or like you're a time bomb ready to go off.

You know you haven't done anything awful that would make people dislike you or lose respect for you, so you start wondering about your appearance. You find a mirror and you check yourself out, yup, nothing weird, your hair looks alright, nothing strange. You don't smell bad, either.

So what the heck is up with these people treating you like you're not welcome, like you don't belong, like you're some kind of pariah, like you're one of the "staff" at the White House who's just decided to sit down at a Presidential banquet with the guests?

There are a few possibilities.

First, are you sure they're treating you weird, for THEM? Are you sure they're not just like this all the time, and just have very bad or completely absent social skills or manners? You might be taking their very rude behavior personally when it has nothing to do with you, it's how they always act.

Along those same lines, could it be cultural? There are some extreme differences between many cultural social habits, one group's "good manners" can seem very rude, arrogant, or controlling to others. Of course some cultures actually tend to think of themselves as superior, so they ARE being rude, arrogant or controlling, but it's still not personal, it's them, not you. (I probably wouldn't stay around unless I felt I had to for some very important reason, myself.)

If that's not the case and you're sure of it, and especially if this group is not culturally different from you, then take a moment and review a few things.

Who is connected both to you and to this group?
Would that person talk about you negatively behind your back?
Does that person speak negatively about others in general?
Does that person tend to seek attention, or want to be liked or admired, and might throw you under the bus in order to make sure people like them MORE than you?
Would that person imply to others that you are a burden to them, or are hostile, ungrateful, or mentally unstable? In order to prevent people from liking you, respecting you, or finding you attractive or intelligent? In order to turn people against you and give sympathy to them?

If that's not the case either, and you're sure, then what about the prejudice, bigotry, and bias issues of this group? What is your sex, your age, and your ancestry? Do they have bias for the other sex, but bias against yours? Are they rude, disrespectful, condescending and unsupportive to people of your sex? Do they tend to think of your sex in certain parameters, but not really as "people", or as "equals" to the other sex?
If this is the case, then protecting one's self from them might be what you need to focus on instead of social interaction. You might not be safe either socially or physically.

Are they ignoring you because you're of a different age group, younger or older? Many people do this when they're around their peers, no matter how old or young they are. They may not even realize they're doing it. If they're young or if they're elderly, just deal with it, it's probably not personal at all. If they're closer to your age, though, it might be intentional arrogant and rude behavior; watch your back, and ignore their rude speech or actions. Maybe just leave if there's nothing important going on.

Are they trying to send a message that you're not really welcome because of your different ancestral features? (Ancestral prejudice can even be seen in humans within the same ancestral groups who have slightly different features, like the color of a person's hair or the shape of their nose.)

Could they be very shy, and are afraid to speak to you? Perhaps because you are "different" from the rest of the group, or very tall, or very good-looking, or they think you're very accomplished, wealthy, or well-traveled?
Shyness is often misconstrued as arrogance; you may take their shyness as arrogance, or they may take yours as arrogance.

If it's not that, could it be that your manner is actually more civil and polite than theirs, and they are used to people being loud or obnoxious? This still falls under the category of lacking social graces, but it could be that they think you're keeping your distance on purpose if this is the case. In other words, you're not yelling and making sweeping gestures to get attention, so you must not want attention... some groups in some regions act and think this way.

Are you often told you are good-looking, or do you have any physical disabilities or differences? Immature people who have not learned social graces, or who are insecure with themselves, will often group together and talk about an attractive person who enters the room, or a person who has a different physical appearance, and will be reluctant to talk to them out of intimidation, or will spread negative implications about them to the rest of the group.

Are you very short or very tall? Again, immature people are often fixated on a person who enters the room who is physically "different" from themselves, and they will often simply not speak to the person.

If a group is suddenly treating you differently when they are your friends or family, or coworkers, or classmates, or neighbors, then the possibility of someone trashing you behind your back is high. If they are all very immature, then they would be much more likely to just go along with it willingly instead of standing up for you or not believing it. If they've been envious or jealous of you, that's a big motivation for going along with gossip. Resentment is another one. But simple ridiculous arrogance and self-righteousness are the biggest ones. Take this as a warning that you're dealing with unscrupulous people, and it might be time to look for new friends, and stop trusting these people so much, or expecting good manners or intentions from them. 

Shame As Control

Controllers, especially Narcissistic Controllers, assign "shame" to everything and anything. They learned that shame can be used as a very effective control tool, like a Riding Crop. (Horse whip stick thing). Most likely they picked up the behavior during childhood, and probably not only from someone doing it to THEM, but also from watching it being done to others.

So if their father used shame as a control against their mother, or vice versa, or both, they received constant "lessons". If their parents did it to their sibling, again, continual lessons, up close and personal. They may have joined in shaming the person or people in their family who were receiving the shame-treatment instead of standing up for them, because it made them feel like they were HOLDING the Crop, and therefore one of the "important people", instead of getting stung with the Crop, and apparently being one of the "unimportant people". .

They may also have learned it from other relatives OR FROM THEIR COMMUNITY, like in school, for example. Narcissistic faculty (teachers, coaches, principals, etc.) also use shame and humiliation to control or hurt students, and don't stop other children from doing it to other children, either.

A Narcissistic Controller will cast shame on a person for pretty much anything at all, and claim self-righteousness at the same time.

So you ought to be ashamed and embarrassed for leaving the lid off the sugar bowl.... I would NEVER do that, and neither would the rest of the family!!! Except for that loser no-account Donald. HE leaves the lid off the sugar bowl too... AND he hangs around with that loser friend of his, that weird one who doesn't kill hornets... he let's them gooooo..."

ANYTHING and anything, and anything.

If you're a Republican you're "bad", if you're a Democrat you're "bad", if you belong to a different church than theirs your "bad", if you go to church at all you're "bad", if you don't wear the same clothes as they do you're "bad", if you didn't wash your car you're "bad", if you don't do a job that fits their stereotype of the way you look you're not only "bad" but you're "crazy" too...

You didn't shut the lamp off, so "whack!" with a little shame... you didn't turn the lamp ON, so "whack!" with some more shame...

What's up that haircut, that shirt, those shoes, your goals, your college subject, the fact that you aren't in college, the kind of dog you have, how many cats you have, how you don't have a pet, how you have a big house, how you have a tiny apartment... etc ad infinitum...


By the time a target reaches adulthood, they may not be able to discern what a GENUINELY "shameful" act would be or would NOT be, so they can end up feeling shame for anything they do, and often, regardless of what they're doing. A Target can end up feeling shame attached to buttoning their own shirt to get ready for work. Or for getting ready for work. Or for having a job. Or for calling in sick because they broke their leg. Or for talking to an old friend. Etc. etc.

They inherited the Crop/Whip from someone during their childhood, almost certainly.

The holder of the Riding Crop is the one who uses it to sting and control the horse. The horse does not have one, or hold one. If the horse were to defend itself from the whip of the Crop, the horse would receive more stings.

The Narcissist sees themselves as the "trainer", the "rider", the Holder of the Riding Crop, and their target as the horse who of course is always the one being told what to do, and always the one being GIVEN consequences, never GIVING them. In the Narcissist's mind, as in the Horse rider/trainer's mind, the roles are never reversed, and they are never "peers".  

Fantasy Land And Narcissistic Abuse

One of the most profound effects of Narcissistic abuse and control is on the target's ability to feel safe in the world of humans.
Most people live in a state of fantasy, naivete, and ignorance about the "world", about other humans. The brain creates this fantasy on purpose in order for us to go about our day and our lives in relatively happy bliss; we actually delete and ignore information that's right in front of us that makes us feel uncomfortable, like the fact that meteors fall constantly, for example, or that the balance of the natural world that keeps us alive could slip at any moment, or mundane things like about how ACTUALLY dangerous is it to drive on the highway. But it also ignores or deletes unsettling information we see clearly and blatantly about those close to us, those around us, AND about ourselves. So we go through life basically thinking everything is pretty much honky dory, not much to worry about, as long as things are going the way we expect and want.

But those who have been targets of abuse, especially Narcissistic abuse, find out about the hidden underbelly of human behavior and motivations, and find out the hard way. So the fantasies about "people are mostly good and kind" and "the world of humans is a safe and beautiful place" don't cover up the reality anymore, because one knows about the masks and the curtains. The brain has seen too much REAL information to continue the process of deleting and ignoring,
and then switches modes to a more realistic observational mode.
Targets are humans, so the realization of the actual potential motivations and intentions of people around them can cause anxiety or depression, because that's one's OWN species, those are the creatures one is supposed to live life WITH. And most still want to, to an extent, because wanting to is "normal human".
Since the other people around a harassment or abuse Target mostly still live in the fantasy the human brain creates of humans having good motives and good intentions, and that they themselves always have good motives and intentions, they often have a very hard time accepting or acknowledging what a Target has been through, or what a Target talks about. They don't WANT IT TO BE TRUE, and most likely can't handle it being true. If it's true about another human, then it might be true about themselves, too, and they can not deal with that or accept that. To them, that would be like accepting the reality that they could get wiped off the planet at any moment due to a natural event, or a car accident, or a sudden illness. They can't handle accepting that AND going about their usual day, or looking forward to their future plans. So they don't want to hear about it or know about it.

In order to keep denying, ignoring, and deleting, they may ignore, deny, or try to ostracize the person who was targeted by abuse. If they can make the PERSON go away, then the unhappy reality that they can't handle will go away too.

This is how the human brain works, and it's actually been proven by some reality-accepting scientists, who are few and far between. Humans don't like information that they don't like, so regardless of what it is, they will try to kick it away automatically. The less self-aware a human is, and the less they can deal with reality, the more they will do this. It's really their brain doing it, though.

Narcissistic abuse survivors may find themselves being ignored, disrespected, scapegoated, and treated more poorly than ever by others when they're trying to recover and rebuild their lives, because of this very thing. People who live in fantasy, which is most humans due to the brain's denial process, do NOT want to be shown or reminded that their fantasy they're using for living their life is not real, or that they themselves are not as lovely, logical, kind, helpful, strong, self-disciplined, or aware as they like to think of themselves. The very fact that the abuse survivor exists and shows up is evidence of all these things, and if the person starts TALKING about any of it, their defensiveness for their fantasy can increase immensely, so much so that they may try to humiliate the person so others won't like them, or try to make the person "invisible", or make them go away. 

Recovery may be greatly helped by working on understanding this human brain processing of denying and ignoring, because once we realize that's what humans do, we may no longer take it as personally, and we may be more able to discern who is actually trustworthy and who isn't, regardless of what type of relationship it is. Who will throw another person "under the bus" simply to protect their fantasy or their ego, and who won't. 

(If one wants to observe this process in action, simply bring up a subject that is outside of the known belief parameters of others. If you know that they want to believe, for example, that God doesn't exist, simply start  talking about God (nothing intense, controversial, or that could be construed as weird or shaming; something purposely light), and see what they say or do.
If you know they do believe in God but reject Evolution, you could bring up Evolution instead, but again in a light way, like "did you see the documentary on Dinosaurs that was on NatGeo the other was so neat... etc..."
A fun one is gender roles; if they think women can "only do" certain things, or that men can "only do" certain things, bring up professional female baseball, or your male friend who's a hair stylist, or your female friend's auto mechanic job and how hard she works, something like that.
Another fun one is whether pot is a drug, or whether it's "good" or "bad".
Another is cryptozoology (Loch Ness, Sasquatch, Yeti), and U

Simply broach whatever stance is opposite to the person's belief, but NOT in a personal or insulting way, or the observation is moot. (Saying "God doesn't exist" or "Evolution is stupid" is not broaching the topic, it's insulting and is provoking an argument.)
If they're objective and "logically minded" about a subject, they will be able to discuss all facets and all points of view relatively calmly and openly, without trying to "win", without rudeness such as interrupting, without condescension, verbal attack or insult, and without trying to shut the subject down. If they're in belief, they'll either try to "win", become hostile, or try to shut down the conversation.

When you bring up a subject, watch for body language. (You can do this with yourself too).
Actual physical "squirming" is usually one of the first reactions, because of a sensation of discomfort.
Another is random vocal noises, breathing noises, or movement noises.
Countering may be done, depending on the person's hostility and aggression issues.
Defensiveness may come out swinging, depending on how easily the person takes things personally, or how personal they feel about the subject, and how much they have made it a part of their own identity.
An immediate insult might come flying out of their mouth, like about your male stylist friend being gay, or your female auto mechanic friend getting her nails dirty.
Then turning one's head away,
turning one's body away,
looking off into another direction,
speaking to someone else blatantly over you,
trying to display "IGNORE" signals.
Then, changing the subject.
If that doesn't work, they may  suddenly feel ILL or have a pain,
or need to go to the bathroom,
or need to get off the phone if they're on the phone with you,
or need to get going.  
If they have a high level of arrogance, they might condescend to you with something like "OH Annie, do you really believe in that craziness?"
and then have to go do something "important".

In other words, they will treat you like you're a child (or a childish adult) who is behaving rudely and inappropriately. We learn these social behaviors as children, "How to shut a hysterical person down and calm the situation". "How to display dominance or importance". 
But these are often used in very inappropriate ways by those who are enveloped in belief, or who desire superiority and control. 

Of course if they ARE objective, you might end up having a nice conversation about something interesting, and exchanging information, observations, and point of view.
(What a concept..! Civil, intelligent discussion, without rudeness or primate domination displays!)


Kevin Dunbar's observations and experiments with Physics students and scientists:

Kevin Dunbar's observations and experiments about how the brain handles information:

“The scientists had these elaborate theories about what was supposed to happen,” Dunbar says. “But the results kept contradicting their theories. It wasn’t uncommon for someone to spend a month on a project and then just discard all their data because the data didn’t make sense.” Perhaps they hoped to see a specific protein but it wasn’t there. Or maybe their DNA sample showed the presence of an aberrant gene. The details always changed, but the story remained the same: The scientists were looking for X, but they found Y.How did the researchers cope with all this unexpected data? How did they deal with so much failure? Dunbar realized that the vast majority of people in the lab followed the same basic strategy. First, they would blame the method. The surprising finding was classified as a mere mistake; perhaps a machine malfunctioned or an enzyme had gone stale. “The scientists were trying to explain away what they didn’t understand,” Dunbar says. “It’s as if they didn’t want to believe it.”

....The experiment would then be carefully repeated. Sometimes, the weird blip would disappear, in which case the problem was solved. But the weirdness usually remained, an anomaly that wouldn’t go away.This is when things get interesting. According to Dunbar, even after scientists had generated their “error” multiple times — it was a consistent inconsistency — they might fail to follow it up. “Given the amount of unexpected data in science, it’s just not feasible to pursue everything,” Dunbar says. “People have to pick and choose what’s interesting and what’s not, but they often choose badly.” And so the result was tossed aside, filed in a quickly forgotten notebook. The scientists had discovered a new fact, but they called it a failure.

(Click to read the article)

Complain, Complain, Complain!

Complain, complain, complain!

When someone else is complaining about something, what's the best thing to do or say to them?

is that what you would want them to do when you're complaining about something, whether it was trivial or very serious?

OH, right, sorry... YOU don't complain about anything, ever, right? Lol. Yeah, I forgot... only OTHER people (those whiny types) complain.

Anything YOU'RE talking about is VERY IMPORTANT, and very serious.
....right? Yeah, that's the ticket!

Moral High Ground Vs. Family And Friendship

A person who is using "moral high ground" in order to have an excuse to reject, abandon, abuse, dominate, or attack another person is, ironically, doing something that is immoral.

The Worlds Sucks, What Can I Do About It?

Yes, a huge number of humans are incredibly immature, stuck up, biased, and self-centered. No, there's nothing you can do about their issues, or the impact they have on others, and on the world in general. 
Except for a couple of real things.
You can double-check yourself, your motives, your biases, and your actions, and find ways and methods to make improvements wherever possible; and then you can be a beacon of hope, a model, and a mentor for others, especially young people, who are desperate for positive, self-respecting, fair-minded, non-sexist, non-bigoted, ethical adults to guide and protect them.

Healthy Parenting Vs. Unhealthy Parenting

It is absolutely not "normal" for a child to worry that he or she is going to be rejected, abandoned, invaded, insulted, stolen from, manipulated, backstabbed, exploited, triangulated against, or attacked emotionally, physically, or in any other way by a parent.

Parents who do these things have either mental illness or a personality disorder. They may have developed their illness from themselves being abused growing up, but that does not negate their responsibility as parents.

If they can't help it, because they're pathologically ill, and aren't going to be capable of recovery, then other adults around them who are not mentally ill are responsible for stepping in and helping to mentor and care for the child, with the same level of responsible parenting or balanced, healthy caregiving, not as a hero or a martyr.

In healthy families, cultures, and communities, helping others and helping with children (in a genuine way) is normal and expected. Since everyone simply does it naturally, the "burden" does not fall to only one or two people, so it's not a hardship.

(The difference between nine people pushing a stalled car with one person in it, steering, and one person pushing a car with nine people in it.
Or ten people keeping watch over a flock of sheep, taking brief shifts, sharing shifts, switching shifts, vs. one person keeping watch over the whole flock, all alone, 24/7, and then getting judged and criticized by the other nine when anything happens.)

In unhealthy groups, a mentally or emotionally ill parent is often lambasted and shamed (even if their illness is from trauma) by those with self-righteous complexes, and the child is ignored and left to deal with it by themselves, because the focus is really only on judging the parent, not on the well-being of the child. OR the child is "taken away" from the parent as a display of power and control, either by an individual or by the state, not to help either the parent or the child, just to have control.

Power Tripping Self-Righteousness (On Either The "Left" or The "Right")

Self-righteousness is the same, and for the same reasons, whether it's on the Left or the Right side of the aisle, or even outside the building.

A person with Self-righteousness likes it when he or she finds an excuse to feel offended, because it's an opportunity for a display of moral superiority, which translates to feeling control, belonging, innocence, and power.

It doesn't matter what the speech or action is that they're offended about, nor do they care if they interpreted the speech or action correctly.

If one observes, one will see that those who have Self-righteousness issues are not actually interested in the plights or problems of those around them. They are not interested in reviewing or hearing facts. They are not interested in hearing the points of view of others. They are not interested in calm and intelligent discussion, and sharing of information. They are not interested in respect toward others.

They are also not interested in improving or repairing relationships between themselves and others, or standing up for anyone who's not already in their clique, (or standing up for anyone at all), or hearing apologies, or apologizing themselves.

It's a feeling of vindication, moral superiority, moral high-ground, self-righteousness, and inclusion in a group they believe to be above others that they're after, regardless of facts, regardless of the situation, regardless of past and present, and regardless of the negative effects and consequences they have on others.

Imbalance Of Power In Culture

The more controlling and codependent a culture or community is, the more gender stereotypes, gender roles, assigned higher or lower status due to gender, and favoritism, elitism, inequity, and prejudice for or against each gender are present.

Strangely, it is not just the group that's favored that continues to reinforce these dysfunctions, but also members of the group that's discriminated against.

The reason for this is mainly the same as in racially imbalanced communities; Bullies who are members of the oppressed group can't bully those in the "favored" group, so they bully those in their own group instead, helping the oppression process.

Also, Controllers in the oppressed group often use the present imbalanced "hierarchy" for personal agendas and gain, either on a personal ("catty") level, or on a material level.

On top of that, those who are insecure, fearful, or resentful often project inferiority and weakness onto other members of their own group, contributing to the cultural false belief that the oppressed group is indeed inferior to the favored group.

Imbalanced power in a culture or community is usually either accomplished by extremely dysfunctional violent and threatening behavior by members of the group that seeks control over the other, or through passed on cultural fairy tales about who is capable of what, and who is not capable of it, and rationalizations about who is entitled to control and power.

Healthy, prosperous, long-lived, peaceful, happy, science-oriented and spiritually respectful cultures throughout history, wherever and whoever they were, have made it their priority to keep "power" balanced and fair for all members of the society, and to protect the freedom and well-being of every adult, and care for the well-being and mental and emotional growth of the children.

"Think not forever of yourselves, O Chiefs, nor of your own generation. Think of continuing generations of our families; think of our grandchildren and of those yet unborn, whose faces are coming from beneath the ground."
Dekanawida, Peacemaker, Founder Of The Iroquois Confederacy