Human Superiority Complex: Fascinating!

People who have superiority complexes, whether they were "taught" purposely during childhood, or whether they developed it from a lack of guidance, actually DO GET ANGRY when they are not being treated as a "superior" person.
Even enraged.
Even "outraged".
It's who they honestly think they are.
They will often attack those who don't treat them as if they really are Superior, who treat them with genuine respect as a normal equal, but not submissiveness like an "inferior" or "subordinate".

They will do this to their own boss and coworkers if they see the person as an "inferior" (usually sex, sometimes race, often size), to members of their own family (usually sex or size), and to members of their own community.
In many cases, "World Leaders", and more local government office holders will do this to other "Leaders", to other Politicians, and to citizens of any Party, even their own.

People who have superiority complexes will often openly display their issues online because they aren't afraid of consequences.

They will typically PROJECT their own superiority complex and motives onto those who are simply standing up for themselves against actual disrespect, because they tend to believe that EVERYONE sees people as either "inferior" or "superior", like they do.
So when a person stands up against actual disrespect, they see them as trying to dominate them and be superior (like they do on a regular basis).

Believing one's self to be ACTUALLY SUPERIOR to others means that one is emotionally invested in the belief, and that it's part of one's VERY IDENTITY. So when someone "fails to recognize" their "Natural Superiority", they feel PERSONALLY INSULTED, and they will even accuse the person of rebelling against the "natural order". .....For real.

It's such a severe identity issue that those who are afflicted will often try to use religious texts or even SCIENCE to back up their ardent wish for it to be true, and they will completely alter and twist actual religious teachings AND ALSO scientific discoveries in order to "back up" their claim to be "Naturally Superior".
It's truly amazing and fascinating to watch.