4 Types Of Bullies; You Know One, Or Are One

Or Both.
Humans have bully tendencies, unless they don't, or unless they learn not to as kids. It's just the way we are built as a species, very close to Chimpanzees. We live in groups, societies, and we get our needs and wants met by either working for them for ourselves, receiving them as gifts, stealing them from others, or bullying others. Some humans do all 4. Most humans do a little of more than one, at least. Hardly anyone only does the first one, unless they live alone on a deserted island or mountain wilderness. The first two are for people with the steel to actually live by the values they represent, and who get WHY they(ethics) are important.
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Taxonomy, what it is, how it's done

Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species

This is how organisms are named and catalogued. Here is a place that explains it well, without pontification or confusion, just straightforward information:
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