Who It's Okay To Hate

Don't HATE me because I'm beautiful... OR because you DON'T GET THE JOKE.

It's only okay to hate people who belong to a different Political Party than you do, or who don't agree with everything you say, or who have different beliefs than you do, or who "make" you feel guilty for acting like a jerk.

It's NOT OKAY to disagree with people who think they're right, because, after all, they're RIGHT!
So if you don't have the exact same point of view, and you SAY that out loud (politely, without ad hominem) you must be INSULTING them, or is it "rebelling against their authority"?
(I can't keep that one straight, it's too confusing for me.)
The rule is basically that when a person feels insulted for any reason, any reason at all, real or imagined, it's now okay for them to HATE the other person.

It's now okay to HATE a person who stands up to you when you have acted or spoken rudely, hostilely, or inconsiderately to them.  This might feel "insulting" to you, and so you might opt to HATE them, perhaps attack them verbally to their face, or try to punish them somehow with social games. Some may want to try their hand at some slander, gossip, sabotage, or smearing.

Oops, almost forgot... it's also now okay to hate people who don't do the same drugs as you do, or who don't do drugs at all, or who DO use drugs.

It's also okay to hate people who have a different amount of MONEY than you do, whether they're richer or poorer, it doesn't matter, as long as it's different than you.

It's still okay to hate people of certain races, if YOU are a certain race, but I can't keep track of which is which, sorry, you'll have to google it.

It's still okay to hate people in your OWN race if they have some kind of physical difference, like the color of their hair or eyes.

It's okay to hate people who are better at something than you are
~who have some kind of talent, either different than yours OR the same as yours

It's now okay to hate people who are genuinely nice and kind to other people (they might stick up for someone who's being disrespected, bullied, or manipulated, wouldn't want that)
and also who look like they might have self-confidence, especially if you don't like them, or don't think they deserve to feel confident (because you don't like them).

(They made those last ones up a couple of decades ago, I keep forgetting about them.)

Codependency Or Healthy Supportiveness

~A feeling of "shame" or "guilt" when you haven't actually done anything wrong
~when what you did was very trivial but the feeling you have is more like DREAD
~when you keep finding yourself dealing with serious anxiety over "normal life" things

These are flags that you are connected to one or more persons who have Control issues, and possibly personality disorder or other mental illness that manifests with Control toward other people.
What their 'issue' actually is would be for further observation, hopefully by a professional. But for a person who is connected with them, understanding that they are dealing with a person who has some kind of emotional or mental issue can be very helpful in understanding the situation in a more objective manner.
For instance, if one's brother had Bipolar disorder, but no one knew or understood what was going on, then other people in the family would likely either feel controlled by him, angry at him, or a more Narcissistic family might Scapegoat him or reject him completely.
A family (healthy family) who makes the effort to find out what his underlying issues really are, and who actually care about him, will be much better able to comprehend what's going on with him, and how to deal with it in a much better way for everyone. A competent professional counselor, therapist, or psychologist can be a key piece for a person who is dealing with a mental health issue, even if it's a temporary issue, but they can also be key for OTHERS* around a person who has a mental illness, whether it's severe or mild.
(Key word "competent")

*Narcissistic family members will not make this kind of effort to understand or help another family member, nor will a Narcissistic healthcare or mental healthcare provider; in both cases, they will try to place the entire "blame" and "burden" on the individual. So if this is the case (like if your brother seems to be bipolar, but no one else cares besides you), then you can find a decent counselor for yourself first, and if that person is competent, they can point you in the right direction as your brother's sibling and advocate.
Again, "competent" being the keyword. A Narcissistic counselor won't want to help you help your brother, and will probably treat you like you're being "codependent" or "Borderline" for doing the HEALTHY act of being supportive of a person you care about. They might even accuse you of "wanting to FIX people" (talk about projection!) Anyway if that turns out to be the case, they're not a good counselor anyway, so no loss when you stop going.

"How To Make A Male Narcissist Loathe You"

Trying To Control The Internet

This is the very first time in Human History that people who are not in "Power" can publish their own point of view and their own real experiences. This is the first time in Human History that people who are not being controlled or edited by someone in "Power" can speak freely, sharing their ideas and observations to a group that's larger than their own personal family and friends. This is the first time in Human History that any kind of artist, writer, or scientist can publish his or her own work without having it stopped, controlled, edited, or changed by someone with a "Power" position.

People who desire Power are usually the ones who ARE IN those positions, mostly because they're the ones who do whatever it takes to GET those positions. It's too much effort, stress, and often too much corruption for most people to "do what it takes" to get into those spots, so only those who REALLY WANT IT usually get those positions.

It's always been that way, it will always be that way. Humans who seek POWER often seek ABSOLUTE POWER, or at least as much power and control as they can possibly get. It's what they're "INTO"

So we have a situation, now, where there are still lots of people who sit in "Power Positions", who want to control what other people say and do just like Power-mongers always have, but they CAN'T, because of the internet. Their frustration levels must be THROUGH THE ROOF!

It's like their little brother and sister running away with the remote to the TV! AHHHHH!!!!
"I'm the bigger kid, I should be the one who has control over the remote!"

So yeah, there are DEFINITELY people out there trying to find a way to CONTROL the Internet.
If they can find a way to make it all taxable, they will.
If they could shut it down, they would.  

Live To Put You Down: Men Controlled By Narcissists

Narcissists, whether they're male or female, can not be happy unless they feel superior to someone else. So if there is no one around who's actually "inferior", they'll pick someone to be a "Target" for their put downs, condescension, control, insults, and other various dominance and superiority displays.

Since they need their Target to stick around, and not beat the crap out of them when they realize what's going on, they try to pick people who are more easy-going, who appear kind, or who are naive or who appear to be naive, or who appear to be physically smaller or weaker than the Narcissist.

A "bonus" for a Narcissist would be to find a rather large male Target whom they can manipulate to do their bidding and be their sidekick-bodyguard; a person who others might be intimidated by. But they're harder to come by, because they're harder for a Narcissist to control with threats and fear.

Believe it or not, more men than women are personally targeted for control and manipulation by Narcissist men. "How can that be?!" he shouts. "And, why???"

Well, who do other humans respect more, men or women?

Would a Narc. Business Owner hire a male or female manager if their REAL goal was to have someone who would be a "hammer" to the other employees? (So they don't have to be seen as that "hammer"?)

Would a Narc. illegal black market dealer recruit young MEN, or young WOMEN, to distribute their "product" in the "street"?

Which one, a young man or a young woman, is more likely to want to look "cool" or "tough" to Narcissistic men in their town, and would therefore do what those men told them to do?

Which one, a man or a woman, is easier to reward with compliments about their toughness and their physical strength, or their skill and knowledge, so they don't think so much about how they're really being treated, or how much they're really getting paid?

Which one is easier for a boss, dealer, or other kind of "leader" to SEND to do something thuggish, corrupt, or illegal for them?

Which one is actually more afraid of being seen as a "weakling" and getting made fun of for not following along with a male "leader's" personal agenda?

Sure, Narcissists will often condescend to women, treat them like they're stupid, and refuse to hire them. But they WANT to employ MEN for a REASON.
Not because they RESPECT THEM, but because they KNOW HOW TO MANIPULATE THEM, and they know they can get away with it.

Sexism In 2014

In your observation, which sex (males or females) are WOMEN more supportive of, and more respectful toward, in general?

In your observation, which sex (males or females) are MEN more supportive of, and more respectful toward, in general?

In your observation, which sex (males or females) are you and most of your friends more supportive of and more respectful toward, in general?