Happy Father's Day!

Happiest of Father's Days to my Dad, James E. Bennett!

And to my brothers Rob and Alan, my Cousins, my Uncles, and my brilliant, beautiful friends who are Dads, you are so important in this world, God bless you all.

In memory of Roy W. Black, and all of our fathers who have passed on and watch over us still from above, you will forever be in our hearts and our souls.

BP Spills Coffee

Thank you Mr. Ensley, I'm still on the floor!!!

Cassini's Continued Mission

Thanks to Randall Ensley (the artist) for sharing this link, via Ed Sevcik  (the writer)

Absolutely stunning images of Saturn collected by the Cassini Spacecraft  HERE~

"NASA's Cassini spacecraft is now a nearly a year into its extended mission, called Cassini Equinox (after its initial 4-year mission ended in June, 2008). The spacecraft continues to operate in good health, returning amazing images of Saturn, its ring system and moons, and providing new information and science on a regular basis. The mission's name, "Equinox" comes from the upcoming Saturnian equinox in August, 2009, when its equator (and rings) will point directly toward the Sun. The Equinox mission runs through September of 2010, with the possibility of further extensions beyond that. Collected here are 24 more intriguing images from our ringed neighbor."