I Know All About You! Narcissism And Assessment Of Others

  • Narcissists do regular human immaturities but with the volume turned up, and they don't think it's wrong.
    ~ Like believing they know all about a person and that person's life, past and present; abilities, preferences, fears, motives, habits, and LACK of ability, experience or knowledge.
    They actually think they know what another person's "limitations" are, and what they do with their time, and what they have or have not accomplished, and why they do things.
    (Like all the people who assume they know why I write this blog, who have never actually asked me the question, or who have asked the question, but simply dismissed my reply (or even argued with me!) because they weren't actually interested in the answer, lol. Poor dears. )
    If they know the person, it's usually worse; a Narcissist will build a whole story around another person, and simply treat the person according to this fictional story, forever. They will not doubt themselves, they will not try to find out more about the person, they will literally ASSUME they know all about the person, as if the person's life and being could be written on a one-page biography and read in 10 minutes.
    Their over-confidence in their assumptions and assessment of others is truly astounding, and the lack of ability to take in real information about others (or about themselves) causes them live in a fantasy world. They completely trust their own assessments about everyone and everything, they think that whatever they THINK they see IS what there is. No need to find out if it's true or not... they already know... and if you tell them something different, they will simply say you're lying, or you don't know what you're talking about.

Women Against Women

A wonderful example of women focusing and magnifying judgment on other women way above and beyond male behavior. Red the Facebook post from this News Channel, and note the seriously heinous or weird crimes. Then, read the comments, which one do the 2 out of 3 women focus on?! A woman lying about having cancer draws a HORRIFIED reaction, but two sexual predators, a major drug ring, and a NECROPHILIAC CANNIBAL is not even noteworthy... of course they will have an excellent "reason" for their reaction... something like how the woman must have caused people so much pain and hardship (let's burn her at the stake!) UNLIKE the NECROPHILIAC CANNIBAL, the sexual predators, or the illegal DRUG ring. This is how bullies operate, they only focus on who they think they can get away with attacking, shaming, and magnifying, and avoid challenging anyone they see as physically, socially, or politically more powerful than themselves. (The exception to that is bullies who see a "more powerful" person as a challenge, but that's more common in male bullies than female bullies.)
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