Prejudice Toward BPD Borderline Personality Disorder

There is a weird, pervasive prejudice in the "psychiatric field" against those diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. Try googling "prejudice against BPD" and see how m...any entries there are, it's a real problem.
Any kind of prejudice against an entire "group" of people is actually a narcissistic trait that is common in humans; it's that tendency to create cliques, which is from the FEAR OF being seen as "other". So people who are prejudiced against BPD may actually FEAR that THEY have BPD, and fear others noticing it, so they make a lot of noise making sure everyone knows they're NOT "one of THOSE people".
The mental health, caregiver, and medical fields are of course the LAST place that prejudice should be found. But it's actually quite prevalent, and can prove to be very damaging. I have witnessed for myself people who were relatively calm and quite functional folks get medicated to high heaven after being diagnosed with BPD; one woman I knew died of kidney failure, another (21 year old) who developed severe kidney stones had her medication changed which caused an immediate increase and severity in her self-harm, which her "team" refused to acknowledge, and began to give her ECT. She doesn't seem to remember me anymore. Her family is highly dysfunctional with obvious narcissism with delusions, and also alcoholism, but her "team" refused to acknowledge that, too, it was "all her".
I could list many more examples just that I have witnessed personally.
This problem is, of course, the most pervasive with the less mature and less professionally minded. The less emotionally mature a "professional" is, and the more narcissistic, the more likely he or she is to harbor this prejudice, and therefore fail to perform their job with objectivity or professionalism.
Prejudice is prejudice; those with racism will of course be less professional to targets of their prejudice, those with sexism will be less professional toward targets of that prejudice, etc. It can be seen, and does exist, in every single vocation, the psychiatric and medical fields are no exception.
Here is one person's experience witnessing this:

Do The GOOD That Makes You Feel Good

You feel like you've lost your personality, or a big chunk of who you are. You feel like you don't know how to feel good about yourself anymore, like you've lost that ability forever.

Here's what may have happened: Narcissistic abusers, regardless of the relationship, will convince a target that they don't have those parts of their personality that used to make them feel good, that used to contribute to their self-esteem and confidence.

So if helping others used to help you feel good about yourself, that's what a narcissist will try to take away, and convince you that you were never actually a person who helped others, that it was all in your head, that you didn't do anything real to help anyone. They may even convince you that you were actually harming those you helped, or that you were only doing it to get attention and praise (even if you actually got nothing of the sort, or very little).
A narcissist will also try to place a fear/anxiety "switch" in your subconscious that will activate when you go to help anyone else.

The narcissist doesn't want you to help others; that would take your attention, time, energy, and resources away from THEM. It would also contribute to helping someone in a real sense, which means someone else is receiving a benefit from you. It would also contribute to your normal self-esteem and confidence; it's part of who you are, so you're fulfilling your own goals and carrying out your own ideas and plans. Other people might see how valuable your efforts are, and that would draw them to you, giving you more allies and increasing your good reputation. The better light more people see you in, the less control any narcissist has over you. Also, they fear that others might compare you to the narcissist, and find that they think more highly of you, and ostracize them (paranoia, projection). All of these things upset and scare a narcissist who is connected to you, and can make them feel left behind if they have abandonment issues as well. Fear makes narcissists anxious and angry, so they must put a stop to the source of their fear.

You also have probably helped the narcissist on many occasions and got nothing back but criticism, or a total lack of acknowledgement. This treatment can do a lot of damage to our motivation to help others when they need it, and can bury the feeling of joy we get when we can see some result from our efforts. It can make us CYNICAL, or worse. It can even turn us on ourselves, in a literal way; when we need something, we can refuse to give it to ourselves, and refuse to ask anyone else as well for fear of being denied. So we don't get our needs met, and we don't get the needed self-esteem boost from doing something effective.

How can we cure this?!?
One step toward healing this can be helping someone ELSE, or something else, other than the narcissist, outside of our usual patterns and people, and other than ourselves for now. If we have children, we can do something to help them, even if it's something small like helping them with something that is good for their future, or opening a savings account, or looking into lessons and further academics. We can help another relative, or a neighbor, or a total stranger. Even if we need to keep it secret, we can do this. We can do little things or bigger things, and we can keep doing them until we can FEEL it again.

Do what used to make you feel good about yourself, do try to remember. Your subconscious remembers all of it, it's in there.

How To End Sexism

The way to end sexism is not to try to convince people who are sexist to stop being sexist, they're too far gone, it's a waste of time and energy, much like teaching a pig to sing. The way to end it is for women who have awareness to stop competing against one another, start supporting one another instead of vying and triangulating to gain acceptance and approval from others, and stop teaching children to have sex bias just so they'll fit in with our own ego and insecurity issues. Of course, it may be an impossible task; it would take a majority of mature and emotionally secure human beings to accomplish such a paradigm shift in human behavior. Too many will throw their own relatives under a bus if they think it will improve their own lot, they don't want fairness for others, only for themselves, which of course means no one gets fairness, but try to explain that.

Women must wake up and take their own reins, and comfort their own kind, and stop competing with their neighbors, mothers, sisters, cousins, daughters, and coworkers for male attention and approval. Stop this believing that males hold all the power and we have to go THROUGH THEM to get our needs met. We don't need to go through males for anything, and therefore there's no need to tear them apart. We need to get our needs met ourselves, but when we compete against other women all the time, refusing to support them, refusing to bond with them, constantly judging and denying them the support that we lavish on men we don't even know, denying them credit and respect, even our own family members, then we get what we deserve.

Don't whine about sexism and then trash the next pretty girl you see. Don't complain about how men hold all the power when you wouldn't lift a finger to support another woman who just might know something you don't, or have a skill or talent that you don't, or who some guy might look at. Women are the real cause of sexism, we are the ones who RAISE CHILDREN.