Forms of Sabotage And Domination

 Forms of Sabotage And Domination
Some common subtle and obvious forms of sabotage and domination displays*:

> frequently interrupting a person while they're working, practicing, or concentrating on something.

> frequently interrupting a person and pulling them away from what they're doing for any number of "reasons"

> inserting one's self into a task or project a target person is working on, without being asked, either physically or verbally

> trying to take over another person's project or task; trying to insert one's self as "Leader" in another person's project or task; trying to "direct" another person's project or task from the sidelines

> playing up the experience, talent, and ability of someone ELSE in order to diminish and dismiss the experience, talent, and ability of a target person, in both group settings and one on one; playing up the physical strength and/or "toughness" of someone ELSE in order to diminish and dismiss both in a target person

 > inviting a target to be part of a project, but then treating them as if they aren't a "real member" of the team, or aren't really wanted or welcome, and aren't worthy of common respect

> making remarks that imply "flaws" about a target person, either physical, mental, or emotional, in order to diminish them and elevate themselves, often in front of others
(this is usually done by making up "flaws" where none actually exist, for instance turning a person's slenderness into a "flaw", or their freckles, or their larger or smaller height or build, or their teeth, their hair, even their higher level of talent or skill)

> purposely doling out to a target person smaller versions and portions of food, supplies, resources, and tools than themselves or others

> frequently interrupting target person's concentration by making noises, moving things around, playing music, making louder than necessary noises while working nearby, and talking loudly near a target's work space

> every time a target goes to do something, a request or demand is made of them

> every time a target is getting ready for something, such as going to work, getting ready for a class, or going to a social event, they are bombarded with suggestions, corrections, or warnings
(key word is "bombarded", key phrase "every time"; giving the occasional suggestion or warning, or telling them they missed a button or forget their wallet or that there's a stain on their shirt when they're going somewhere important is healthy and normal relating. When it's done more than absolutely necessary, it becomes "infantalizing"; treating a person like they're incompetent in order to gain/keep power over them, and can cause serious problems for the person)

> frequently denying and/or diminishing ideas, requests, or plans that a target makes; agreeing to ideas, requests, or plans, and then canceling, changing them, or simply not showing up, with no remorse

> making requests of another person for assistance or a job and then blowing them off or hiring someone else without saying anything

> purposely hiring someone else for something in order to diminish and dismiss the skill, experience, or talent of a target person

> using another person's work for one's own project but withholding recognition, credit, or payment; claiming it as one's own

> purposely asking the advice, expertise, and assistance of someone other than the target person, and NOT the target person, especially about things that the target is skilled and experienced in, while the target is present

> denying simple and reasonable requests made by a target; acting as if the target's appropriate requests are huge burdens and very unreasonable

> making a large number of requests for assistance, often so many that the target is kept from getting his or her own tasks done; demanding more and more of the target's time so they can't get any of their own needs, goals or desires met that don't serve the other (Controller) person

> making louder than necessary noises when it is known that others are sleeping, resting, or doing something that requires a quiet atmosphere

> physically stepping in front of another person; stepping between two people in order to redirect the attention of one of them away from the other and onto one's self

> actually answering the question asked of another person, and interrupting/talking over them to do it

> trying to gain the sexual attention of a person (by using flirting, body display, ego stroking, or other covert means) when they are known to be in a couple, on a date, or in a committed relationship.

> invading the personal space of another person; uninvited touching of another person; "nit-picking" (always picking lint, rearranging hair, 'spit-cleaning' another person's face, etc., especially when obviously not welcomed, and even moreso when the relationship is not close)

> talking over another person; constantly correcting and interrupting; talking every time the other person starts to speak

> condescension; extreme over-explaining; evasion of answering questions; refusal to give direct, polite answers

> unsolicited, unasked for "advice" and "instruction"; giving "advice" or "instruction" that's not actually informative but is simply insulting.

> making comments that imply that the target is a novice, physically weak, a beginner, incapable, or inept, often rationalized as "kidding around"

> behaving as if a person is "invisible", doesn't exist, or is "lower status", especially while they're standing right there; obviously leaving them out of introductions and conversation, not responding to their conversation or greeting; responding disrespectfully or rudely

> purposely blocking access to resources, certain work, education in certain areas

> purposely modifying education and work so that a target receives less education and information than another; must do more or more difficult or tedious work than another for the same pay; has to endure more hostility and less benefit than another

> messing with electric supply, water supply, or sabotaging or stealing tools, supplies, or equipment in order to sabotage a target's project or task

> damaging, destroying, or hiding a target person's finished or unfinished work

*many of these sabotage and domination displays are the same as Chimpanzee behavior; some are exactly the same, while others have been modified because of things such as spoken language, clothing and technology. They are often "covered up" and rationalized by humans because they don't want to be caught doing something that is considered a violation of rights, that's criminal, or will expose their real motivations and intentions.

Both humans and Chimpanzees receive neurochemical charge from dominance displays.
Chimpanzee survival depends on their hierarchy mostly because other Chimpanzee troupes will try to dominate and take over their territory; Bonobos, who are also Chimpanzees, do not display the same extreme hierarchy displays and survive just fine, maintaining a peaceful atmosphere, and enjoying friendships and group activities.
Apparently both Chimpanzees and Humans who are fixated on gaining dominance over others are simply addicted to the neurochemical charge they get from it.
Humans who are apparently addicted will, like any other addict, defend the "reasons" why dominance and hierarchy are "important", but they're the only ones defending it; those who know how to cooperate, negotiate, compromise and share, who make a lot of progress and are solution-oriented don't defend domination or "hierarchy", and don't seek it.