Prejudice: The Lifeblood Of The Controller's Agenda

Controllers do what they can personally get away with.

A controller woman is going to be noticed by others bossing around an all male construction crew, but she is probably not going to be noticed giving unsolicited advice to or micro-bossing another woman, or her daughter.

A controller man is going to be noticed if he tries criticizing and lording over different hairstyles of the women or girls around him, but he'll probably get away with bullying his male coworkers who are shorter than he is, whether it's an office setting or a trade environment.

Severe controllers especially, like those with NPD, narcissistic sociopaths and psychopaths learn what they can personally get away with according to the expectations, social conditioning, prejudices, and naivete of other people.

A male tradesperson Controller, such as a carpenter, will get away with gaslighting, sabotaging, and bullying a female coworker, subordinate, or even a boss all day long because they are both surrounded mostly by people who have prejudices against female humans working in trades. ~Many male tradesmen who don't have this prejudice issue STILL won't stand up for her because they don't want to be targeted next, and they don't see a benefit for themselves in standing up for her. ~Many females who are also in the trades won't stand up for her because many of them are Narcissistic themselves, and want to be the "Exceptional Girl" in the sea of males, and don't want to be de-throned; OR they are not Narcissistic at all, but also fear being targeted next, and fear losing their jobs and positions. (Fear is the Controller's best friend and favorite tool, right above shame, anxiety and confusion).

Customers will rarely stand up either, both males and females for similar reasons as her fellow tradespeople, and with other issues added such as resenting women who don't stay inside the very small parameters of what they think females "should" be, and who resent any woman who is doing something they think they aren't capable of themselves. There are also women who envy other women who are actually working in jobs such as building trades because they were kept from doing it themselves.

Building trades have an added factor of "tough" and "strong" combined with "skilled" and "capable", which seems to send a lot of people around the bend when they see a woman who is perfectly capable of it, since they had thoroughly bought into the cultural myth that only men ('masculine' men) are truly capable.

A female Controller who has an administrative position in a hospital, a healthcare setting, or a school, for example, is more likely to get away with bullying, sabotaging, and micromanaging staff and subordinates, as long as she doesn't do it to anyone above a certain "hierarchy status". If the "upper echelon" at the hospital does not feel the effects of her manipulation and control PERSONALLY, then she is likely to keep getting away with whatever she's doing to those too low on the Totem Pole to get anyone to listen.

Controllers find power when they align themselves with the cultural myths that people believe about their physical bodies and appearance. A Controller who is a tall, athletic-looking man is going to get promoted much faster in a corporate environment because of the pervasive stereotype that so many human beings still hold in their heads regarding tall males. A Controller who is a broad-shouldered female of at least average height is going to get promoted much faster in a healthcare setting, because of the similar pervasive stereotypes that so many human beings hold in their heads about what a capable healthcare worker looks like. The list goes on and on. Those who match physical stereotypes are HANDED power and control. Those who don't match, but who are Controllers who seek power, have to figure out how to get it another way.

In personal relationships, families, and communities, the gender roles are extremely clear and obvious to anyone who actually looks, and keeping them alive and well are the Controllers, NPD's, and narcissistic Sociopaths. Gender roles and prejudices, racial prejudices, religious prejudices, political party prejudices and stereotypes are the LIFEBLOOD of the Controller's (Narcissist's) agenda. Without these things, it would be much harder to orchestrate and control people's actions, keep them oppressed, keep them ignorant, and take their money. From personal relationships, to businesses local and global, to schools, to local communities, to cults, to Hollywood, to the music industry, to national governments and global relations, Narcissistic Controllers depend on the "little people's" prejudices against each other to keep them in power, and keep them in the green.