Protesting Unfairness! With A Side Of Whine!

People who cry about unfair government and all the bad people in the world, and then treat the people right around them with disrespect, hostility, arrogance and condescension crack me up.

Where do they think all the crap in the world comes from, the sky?

It's just from people treating other people like crap and feeling entitled to do it because of delusions
of grandeur and natural superiority.

Everyone who does that is one of "them", one of "those" people who are making the world a crappier place.

We don't have to treat other people like Uber Royalty in order to NOT treat them like crap, it's not nearly that dramatic. Just treat them with the GENUINE respect and consideration that WE want and expect to be treated with, and that we're capable of.

(That we know you're capable of, because we have no problem treating people we want approval and attention from in a respectful way. )