Primate Domination Displays: Hostile Behavior In Humans

DID YOU KNOW that a lot of people who have racism and sexism issues, or other bigotry or us vs. them issues such as "hating" anyone who doesn't have the same beliefs or political views, are just trying to make themselves appear TOUGH and "BAD-ASS"? When a person keeps trying to display hostility, they are trying to show dominance. Chimpanzees do this all the time but don't try to hide it. Humans do it all the time and try to rationalize that they're doing something else. It's exactly the same display, but humans have a couple more tools such as language and machinery that makes loud noises or are big and dangerous, and also of course sophisticated weapons. Chimps mostly use vocalizations and their bodies, sometimes sticks or rocks.

Can You Hear Other People Speak?

In order to hear what another is actually saying, one must stop talking. But one must also stop assuming they already know what the other person is saying before they actually hear it. They not only need to keep their mouth shut when listening to another person, but they need to also shut up their thoughts that are drowning the other person's words out.

If I think I know what you're going to say before you say it, or know what you're thinking because I think I "know you so well", then I'm making assumptions INSTEAD OF listening or hearing. 

You might say "It's so beautiful today, I think I'm going to walk down to the lake. Do you want to come?" 

What did I HEAR you say... if I admire you and want your attention, I might hear something more like "One of the things I like to do is take a walk by the lake on a beautiful day, it helps to center my thoughts and spirit, and helps me to stay as great and wonderful as I am. Usually I go alone, but I would like to invite you  to accompany me on my lovely meditative journey."

OR, if I resent you or ENVY you, if I WANT to hear you in a negative "light", I might hear something like "I don't feel like doing any work, again, I'm trying to avoid doing work and avoid your requests for helping you do your work, you're such a hard worker and I'm a lazy spoiled brat... so I'm going to go down by the lake and play around instead of doing anything responsible... if you come with me then you can't blame me for not doing any work because you'll be with me. So.. wanna come?"

OR, if I'm looking down my nose at you, like I'm above you somehow, I might hear "I'm going down to the lake to do something shameful and bad, or something stupid or whacko, or something that will get me dirty and waste time, or that's dangerous, and probably hang out with a bunch of bad people. Wanna come?"

OR if I think you don't like ME, whether it's true or not, I might hear "I'm going down to the lake, and I'm only inviting you to be polite, I don't really want you to come, so stay here and leave me alone, you're not wanted."

OR if I think you're "cool" and "tough" and I want your attention and approval, I might hear "Hey I'm headed down to the lake to do ...(insert activity here, whatever is supposed to be "cool" to the listener... hunting.. going on a power boat... going sailboarding... looking for the opposite sex...doing drugs or drinking...going to the beach...etc.etc.)...  YOU IN?"

All of these different version of what the other person ACTUALLY SAID were in the LISTENER'S MIND, it's not what came out of the SPEAKER'S MOUTH.

"It's so beautiful today, I think I'm going to walk down to the lake. Do you want to come?"

People do this all the time with other people. They don't LISTEN and HEAR what other people are ACTUALLY TRYING TO COMMUNICATE TO THEM, because they think they already KNOW what the person is thinking, feeling, planning, remembering, and saying, based on the picture they created in their heads of that person, usually fraught with biases, emotions, judgments, and false assumptions.

In order to hear others speak, we have to clear our mind clutter so we stop making assumptions and jumping to conclusions, and keep our mouths shut while they're talking. Then when they finish speaking, ask questions to understand more, instead of just inserting our own views, opinions, emotions, judgments, and advice.

Respecting Other's Points Of View

I very much respect those who are outspoken about they're own point of view, what they see, what they've witnessed, what they've experienced and what they've learned. If it's completely different from my own POV and experience, I enjoy hearing what they've seen that I have not, and can learn from listening to them about things I can't know about from my own experiences.

However if they don't respect me in the same way, that's another story.
I will still defend their right to speak and have their own point of view, and respect them as a living, breathing person, and care about their health, and well-being. But continuing to respect them as a thinking, responsible, clear-headed individual might be off the table; they're filtering everything through their ego and personal issues, and not their intellect.

One's Reflection Is In A Mirror, Not A Magnifying Glass

The mirror is where reflection takes place. One can't see themselves through a magnifying glass, or a scope, that's pointed at others.