See without judgment the information another is pointing to,
be it regarding darkness or light.
All of the pieces of a puzzle are needed to
complete a picture.
Judging one piece as less important than
another is senseless;
if some pieces are discarded,
the puzzle is no longer complete,
and the remaining pieces will not fit.

Remember that some,
when constructing a difficult puzzle,
need to begin with the bright pieces
and build from there.
Some need to begin with the simplest place
in the picture, and work out from that spot.
Some must make sense of the dark places
in order to begin to find
where any other pieces go,
and still others must start at the corners
and the edges.

No puzzle piece is less essential than another;
some are harder to find,
and some are harder to look at.
Hold a new puzzle piece in your hand,
turn it this way and that,
see how it glints in the sunlight,
and glows or fades in the moon shadow.

The bearer of the information,
of the puzzle piece,
is simply a messenger,
like all other messengers,
no more or less important.
It is only the bias of one’s ego that accepts
or rejects a piece of information
based on the bearer of the message;
of the piece of the puzzle.