The swan does not see herself as you see her. You may find her unattractive, but that doesn't make her a lesser creature. You may find her beautiful, but that doesn't mean she is haughty. You may find her eccentric, but that doesn't mean she is crazy. Your opinion has no influence on what she really is, and neither does your projection or your prejudice. She is the same whether you breathe or die. She is to the Universe exactly what she is meant to be.

Don't Forget

Where You Come From
Where You Are Now
What You Are Doing
What You Are Doing To Others
Who You Are Consorting With
What You Are Letting Get Close To You

MRPF Joins the Red Hot Chilli Pipers on Stage

Playing With Fire

Why is honesty so difficult for so many people? What do they fear so deeply?

Let Go

" Whatever is done is over. It cannot be changed. But your attitude and feelings about it can be changed by doing the next right thing Today."