Brain Parts

If one is trying to understand the written word or an observation with the part of the brain that processes emotions, there's a much lower likelihood that they will be able to comprehend what they're reading or seeing. If you don't like, are jealous of, or fear women, for example, you're not going to be able to understand what a woman is saying. If you don't like another race, you aren't going to hear what someone of that race is saying. Etc, etc. If you're afraid of dolphins, you're not going to be able to interpret their behavior or observe them objectively.

Nearing Completion!

Almost finished with my book! WOOHOO!

I think I'll call it "I Really Don't Care What You Think About This Book If You're A Narcissistic, Bullying, Dweebish, Entitled, Punk Ass Dork~ Why Do You Care About It At All? Go Do Something Useful"

I think it will be a huge hit!   :D