Love me, love me not

I don't know about men, but women feel loved when they feel wanted and accepted, when they know they will be cared for and heard, stood up for against enemies and injustice, and embraced as an important piece in someone's life.

Let Go

If you don't let go of your regrets you will not be able to see what is right in front of you. You have been seeking all of your life but you do not know that you have found what you have been seeking because you are looking backwards.
Be still.
Look down.


"We need to identify standards that are meaningful rather than those imposed by others. To discard old boundaries or limitations for new ones is a stage of self-regulation by which one identifies the principles to live by."
~"Diary of a Broken Soul": Emperor 

August Fire

Strike with your terrible beauty,
swathing great arcs in the air so close to my cheek
I can feel the cold silver of your razor gaze
piercing this lingering malaise.
Over the ladder back chair
the coats are folded into one another,
draped black on black, dark spirit lovers
languishing between the covers.
Silence waits for your murmur.

~M. Black

(Dorian~ we were writing at the same time~ I didn't see your post until after :)