Humility is the single most difficult thing for a human being to achieve, or if and when we do achieve it, maintain it for any length of time.

 If you want to test yourself, just pick out a few complete strangers, or a few acquaintances, and then just briefly jot (write) down what you think you understand that they can't possibly understand.
Jot down what you think their intelligence level is, and their natural abilities.
Jot down what you think their political views are, and their beliefs.
Jot down what you think their education level is.
Jot down what you think their basic life experiences have been up to now.

After you're finished, read over your list.
Ask yourself why you think you know these things
about people you don't know.

Most of us think very, very highly of our ability to assess other people, both those we "know", and those we don't "know".  And we don't even care about finding out whether we're right or not, we just believe whatever we tell ourselves about other people, and treat them accordingly.

We humans were born with an instinct for self-preservation, and a feeling of satisfaction from dominating objects and mastering tasks.

We were also born with an instinct to eat living things. Nothing, except for water, was not alive before we consumed it, and so we must feel that we have the right to kill what was alive in order to sustain ourselves, in order to survive. Many humans are in denial about it, but it's a fact. Humans can not live on stones, crystals, or air molecules, or on water alone. Therefore we must dominate other living things in order to live ourselves, like nearly every other creature on Earth.

We were also born as social animals who naturally live in groups to survive, just like Chimpanzees, our closest relative. Because of this, we tend to create clans and tribes.
Within these clans we tend to create hierarchies similar to Chimpanzees, even though we don't need to. Because our intellect is high enough that we can achieve the maturity to live in full cooperation with, and support of, every member.

And yet, most humans do not let their intellect lead them, but instead their neuro-chemistry which gives them little squirts of feel-good chemicals when they dominate something or someone, or when they THINK they're dominating something or someone.

We are, as a species, evolved enough to control ourselves and live intelligently, in cooperation, peace, and support.

And yet, there are so many individuals within the species who follow the trail that getting high on their own chemicals leads them, that they sabotage that goal, constantly.

Humility is the requirement for the goal of peace.

But there are too many human individuals who would rather get high on hormones and neurotransmitters than have peace.


Disagreement And Being RIGHT

Just because you don't agree with someone doesn't mean they're wrong, nor does it mean they're right. It doesn't mean anything except that you are each looking at the same thing from different points of view. The 'truth' isn't subject to your opinion or point of view, or to the other person's; it remains regardless of who is trying to see it through their myopic and fuzzy human vision.

Now That's Funny! Laughing In The Face Of Control Freaks: Bugs Bunny's Best Bits

Here's one of the things that happened in the nineties:
television was taken over by a couple of "moguls", and intelligent dry humor shows (like Looney Tunes, among others) that laughed in the face of greed, ego, and control-freakism was, of course, removed and buried. So, anyone too young to know any differently did NOT watch hilarious, light hearted, dry-witted cartoons in the mornings or on Saturday, accompanied by elaborate musical orchestration, and therefore were not exposed to the wonderful lessons about Ego, Control, Boundaries, and NOT taking themselves (or others) SO SERIOUSLY. 

Instead, they were exposed to shows who's main characters had ego issues and took everything as some kind of giant world-ending mission, with no light heartedness or ability to DEAL WITH ADVERSITY in sight. We had those too, but we also had THESE to help us learn to LAUGH, and WHAT TO TAKE SERIOUSLY, and what NOT TO TAKE SERIOUSLY. 
OBVIOUSLY, that's been lost in our cultures in a BIG WAY. 

Kids who did learn the lessons, or who did get to see these shows regularly, were lucky.

Someone explain to me why people keep putting other humans on pedestals like they're gods? What is this, Greek Mythology?
Almost everyone has a politician that they think is some kind of super-hero or prophet, or if not a politician then an actor, a talk show host, or a musician, and everything that person says and does is WONDERFUL and PERFECT and HIGH ABOVE everyone else... Great Leader... Savior... who never has an errant or silly thought or makes wrong decisions...

But so then they have to have VILLAINS who are the "enemy", or the nemesis of their prophet/super-hero/chosen one... 

Seriously, what is the freaking deal?
Too many Super Hero movies or Cowboy TV shows?
Cop shows?
Iron Man movies?
Too many Charlton Heston films?
Maybe it's from CSI...
Maybe it's CARTOONS or Anime.

Bugs Bunny and his Looney Tune buddies used to make huge fun of hero-worship, now those were some funny freaking cartoons.

Good grief, human beings are JUST HUMAN BEINGS.
There's no Great Leader who's the Savior Of The World, unless you're thinking of GOD, and God isn't a human, so...
What is so hard about accepting the fact that ALL humans are JUST HUMANS?
Same as you, me, and everyone else, no deities, no Angel-like savior, not a single one of us with "all the answers", and every single one of us making HUGE MISTAKES and errors in judgement, no matter how famous someone is or how dazzling someone's smile is.

....Or how they look so "rugged and wise" at the same time... Or how tall they are... or how nice their tie matches their big doe eyes... or that they're wearing those cool glasses... 

It's amazing to me how many poets, writers, songwriters and philosophers SAID NOT TO make them into "gods" or "saviors", not to put them up on pedestals, to PLEASE JUST HEAR what they were saying, and what do people do? They turn around and do exactly the opposite, making them into Idols instead of LISTENING to their message. Especially after the person dies. Extremely hypocritical and disrespectful to the person, ignoring what their WHOLE POINT was.
What is the point of hero-worshiping a person who's message was "Don't Hero-worship other human beings" ?!

(Oh and by the way, those of you who don't like it, who complain when other people post observations and opinions, LOL, who suddenly decide they "can't stand" a person because they don't align with your comfort zone... how about moving somewhere where there's no internet, Facebook, or free speech? You might be happier there. I'm sure they'll let you join the local government so you can help them tell people what to say, or how much and how often they should speak.)