Love God, Love The People God Made

If a person believes in God, especially 'God of Abraham', then he or she believes that God created humans and life, and that's regardless of whether they link it to Evolution or not.
Whether God created evolution and made humans appear that way, or if God made each creature out of the Earth, it's still about God doing the creating, and having the intention. The process would be beyond human understanding anyway if it was God doing it.

Aside from how God "really" did it, which we could never understand anyway even if we saw it for ourselves with our own eyes, the bigger point is the fact that God created humans.

Obviously if you don't believe in God, you're only reading this for your own personal reasons, so going off on a tangent about whether God exists or not is way off topic and moot.

But for those who are believers in God the Creator:

God created every person, every single individual person, and God did it with purpose and intention, because God does everything with purpose and intention. 

What does that mean for one of the people God created?
It means that you were created on purpose, because God wanted to, and intended to.
It means that every person you meet was created on purpose, by God.
It means that every person who's writings you read was created on purpose, by God.

It means every person you like, love, or admire was created on purpose, by God.

It means every person you don't like, despise, or are bigoted against, or disrespect, or disdain, or judge... was created ON PURPOSE, BY GOD.

Every person ever living was created on purpose by God.

If they squandered their precious gift of Free Will and became controlling, abusive, criminal, violent, oppressive, and greedy, that wasn't God, that was their own choice.

If they had "special needs" when they were born, or developed them after birth, we can rest assured that God intended for the people around them to voluntarily and willingly care for them with great effort and joy, cooperatively with one another, since they are God's creation.

If God created human beings, then God created human beings. There's no "well.... God created me, because I'm so cool and great and innocent and wonderful... but I'm not so sure about that other person over there..." No human will ever understand God's intentions or plans, there is no code that can "break it", that's just silly, if God exists, God is conscious and alive, not a giant computer or a physics equation, or a hidden code.

If God created human beings, then God created human beings, ALL human beings.

So, I wonder what God thinks when someone hurts one of these purposeful Creations?
When someone disrespects one of these Creations?
When someone rejects or abandons one of these Creations?
When someone is cruel, judgmental, controlling, mean, or violent toward one of these Creations?
When someone is arrogant, oppressive, and superior toward one of these Creations?

No human stands between God and one of his Creations; each is directly connected and watched by God.

God created each and every human; no human created other humans.

So if one tries to put themselves in such a position, they might want to think about the consequences of trying to overshadow and block the connection between God and one of God's purposefully intended Creations.

~M.B. 2014 

Lack Of Interconnectedness Between Healthcaregivers, Mental Healthcaregivers, Child/Student Caregivers, Etc.

In modern Western culture, one of the more obvious, in-your-face (SIGNS) of a growing problem with Narcissism is the lack of connection between various types of health caregivers (professionals and the facilities and organizations they work for) and also child and student caregivers.

The gap of communication between adults who are professionals in the fields of healthcare, mental healthcare, family services, child or student mentors, school staff, and caregivers, and also judicial and law enforcement groups, is unprecedented and extreme.

No one knows anything about anything unless they are getting directly paid for it, and they don't CARE TO KNOW anything besides what they themselves have written down about a person.

One can see this in divorced or even married Narcissistic parents; the Narcissistic parent doesn't share information or communicate with the other parent about the child, nor do they want to discuss any information or anything about the child's daily life, activities, events, schedule, or well being.
Narcissistic extended family show the same behaviors; no care or concern or exchange of genuine information (other than negative gossip or rumors) about certain family members whom they've deemed "lesser" than themselves.  

Some TYPES of healthcare professionals share some information, but not easily, not often, only if they "have to", and usually not due to concern for the person or patient who's in their charge. Many also BURY information that they don't want, don't have a personal use for, or want to hide for some reason.

Few who mentor or care for children share much at all with parents or family members either, NOR are they interested in HEARING anything at all FROM parents or family members about a child or student.Unless maybe they're personal friends of theirs.

Very few mental health workers and caregivers seem to want to hear ANYTHING from any other source besides their own minds, and maybe, maybe, a co-worker or two in their facility. But they seem to have an aversion toward any information whatsoever that's outside of what they think they already know, and their own personal opinion which, like many humans do, they may view as "fact".

Apparently, there is a very large percentage of professionals in many of these "PEOPLE" fields who are only interested in their OWN observations, their OWN opinions, and their OWN "information", regardless of how valuable information from other sources actually is.

When any person does not value information from sources outside of themselves about the task/job they're doing ,the subject they're studying, or the person they're caring for, teaching, or counseling, it shows some  discomforting possibilities:

~They may ONLY value their OWN opinion, and may view THEIR opinion and observations as the only possible source of "FACT". So anything anyone else says must be wrong or dumb, no matter who they are or what their level of expertise or experience is, or their relationship with the person.

~They may not really be concerned about the person, or the quality of their work, and don't CARE that there is information that they could use that might be extremely important or helpful. 

~They may not be capable of abstract or critical thinking, which requires pulling information from different sources and putting them together, looking for both matches and mismatches, patterns, history, anomalies, and cause and effect, so they don't even KNOW that information OTHER THAN THEIR OWN would almost certainly be very useful.

~They may have no care for anyone but themselves at all, or not even for themselves, and only do the very minimum work they need to do in order to get paid and keep their job, title, or appearance.

~They may not LIKE the person they're supposed to be caring for or mentoring, or the child's parents, or the child or adult's sex or race, or the job they're doing, so they might be purposely avoiding doing their job, or caring for/mentoring the person; or even in sociopath cases, sabotaging the job or the person they're supposed to be caring for or teaching.

~They may have deep seated domination and control issues, and are "rebelling against" doing their job, sharing information, or speaking with other professionals. They may desire to dominate the people they're working with, and the people they're supposed to be caring for.

It has become VERY COMMON TO BLAME THE COMPUTER, and the RED TAPE, and the INSURANCE COMPANIES, and the UNION, and the BOSS, and anything else people can come up with to rationalize their lack of concern and care toward doing their job genuinely well.

People who work in "People" fields are not being FORCED to work there, even if they say they are (due to money and lifestyle issues?)
They all volunteered to work in those fields, at least in free countries, and in most other countries as well that aren't called "free". It was THEIR IDEA to work in a field that requires caring for or mentoring PEOPLE. They could have chosen something else, anything else, and they still can.

So don't let them fool you with "Oh the stress!" or "Oh the computer!"  or "Oh the red tape!"

It's PEOPLE who govern their behavior and actions, who show whether they actually have CONCERN and RESPECT for the adults and children who they're supposed to be supporting, caring for, protecting, or teaching.

When an emotionally healthy person is genuinely concerned about another person, they seek more information, not LESS, and seek to contact other people that are in the person's life, reflexively, for more help and support for the person.
They don't try NOT to have contact with others in the person's life, whether they're professionals involved with the person, or personal relationships. They don't REJECT other people in the adult or child's life, nor do they reject information others want to share, even if they suspect the information isn't quite accurate.
(If it's not accurate, they will be able to discern that after a very short time IF they are mentally and emotionally healthy, and if they're professional; AND even that inaccurate information would give them more info. to reveal the larger picture and build the puzzle).

They will allow "red tape" and all that to be an excuse for their avoidance behavior and non-communication.

(My Dad said I can't play with you... my Mom said I can't go there... leave the turtle in the road, we're not supposed to cross...don't go out and save that man, we haven't received orders from the hands are tied, it's not my job...the computer didn't have that information...the computer did it...I can't talk to that person without a triplicate notarized release form...we don't need your information or observations... we don't need that data...)

ISOLATING PEOPLE FROM OTHER PEOPLE IS NOT NORMAL, whether it's a professional situation or a personal one, and in fact is a Narcissism behavior.

GOING ALONG WITH ISOLATING PEOPLE, and avoiding caring for them to the best of one's ACTUAL ability is not healthy-normal either.