The trick to peace within our own hearts is to put it in the hearts of others. When we desire peace within the hearts of others, all others, especially those who we tend to feel anger toward, that is when we feel it within our own hearts. Until then, we go round and round in circles, trying to get peace for ourselves from a void, trying to make it happen with intellect, trying to prove that we deserve it. The trick is simple, all we have to do is stop thinking about how we deserve it, or who deserves it, and just give it to others. It can only be created by giving, not by taking. Like lighting a fire in the stove to receive its warmth. We are not going to get warm by trying to make the air give us heat, we have to actually make the fire outside of ourselves. Then all who come near can be warmed by its flames. Getting angry at the fire and throwing water on it, destroying it, takes our own warmth away. The warmth we were receiving. Peace is like fire, we can only receive it, and feel its warmth, if we create it outside ourselves in the hearts of others.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays to all who are having another celebration!
Whatever you are celebrating, Peace and Joy to you, and may warmth, light, and love flood your being, your heart and your soul.