Real Friends

Your real friends are the ones who don't scatter like Dandelion Seeds when the wind blows;
who reply to your messages and respond to your greetings and salutations;
who like it when you are recognized or when you show your skill;
who genuinely respect you and show it;
who assume you are more intelligent and more capable, not less;
who are supportive and respectful of your other relationships, especially your children, partnership, and family;
who don't set you up to stand you up just for the thrill of control;
who are accountable for their actions, and remorseful for hurting you;
who stand up for you against disrespect, injustice, and abuse;
who would offer you a glass of water, a cup of coffee, or a couch if you need it;
who include you in their celebrations, and help you through your tragedies;
who share your pride in your family and your accomplishments;
who encourage and believe in your aspirations and dreams.

That's what real friends are like. Anyone else is an acquaintance, or less. 

Insecurity And Assumption

Why imagine another to be less, rather than more?
Why do we imagine that we can assess the limitations of other people?
Because that's what insecurity does, imagines things and people to be smaller and lesser so we can feel more powerful, and less intimidated.
The more secure we are, the better we can handle anyone around us having sky-high talent, experience, intelligence, and capability.
The more secure we are, the more we like it when others around us are talented, intelligent, and enthusiastic.
The more secure we are, the less we are compelled to diminish them.
The more secure we are, the sillier we feel when we realize we were trying to make someone out to be smaller, weaker, inexperienced, less intelligent, and less capable.