Roses Can Prick

Try Treating Others With The Friendship, The Love, The Respect, The Attention, The Empathy That You Want For Yourself, Try Taking Accountability For The Way You Have Acted, Now And Whenever. Try Trusting That Other People Are Worthy And Are Capable Of Forgiveness. Try Letting Go Of The Resentment You Have Toward People Who Have Done You No Wrong. Try Being A Genuine Friend To Someone Other Than Your Pre-Approved Types Of Humans. Try remembering that you are not the Owner Of Pain; you could try being a comfort to others.




Butterflies just are, whether or not anyone is watching.


I might not care as much as you think I do.
You might care more than you think you do.
Or you wouldn't be reading this.
Projecting, assuming, judging, from such an "enlightened" spirit?
Try respect, it doesn't piss people off.
Try humility, you won't be surprised so often.
Try to stop controlling everyone for once.
There are other people that have to live on this rock, too, the same as you.


Love Is...

Morning Mast
...not dependent on the other person's feelings. Each of us is a vessel unto ourselves, no one's course is influenced by another ship, only by the water under us and the wind above us.
Sail your own ship, watch your own stars, pay equal respect to all the other vessels you encounter, obey Maritime rules. You are not the wind that blows my sails, nor are you the waves that rock my hull. Do not think you can read my charts from your deck, and let go of the belief that I chart my course according to yours.
There is enough transcendent beauty to fill the skies of every captain; no one can claim to own the stars.