Liberal Conservative HOOEY

Sorry, but you can't be "Liberal" and "Left Wing" at the same time.
Nor can you be "Conservative" and "Right Wing" at the same time.

This is what happens when people TWIST WORDS AND ALTER THEIR MEANING SO MUCH that people forget the original meanings. 

The term "wing" is from seating in the European legislature, from the 1800s, and it refers to RADICAL views, not mainstream Pol. Party views.  "Left" view people were assigned to sit in the left wing.

The definition of "Liberal" does NOT mean "Left wing", it means "open to hearing other points of view", as in "others besides ONE'S OWN", as well other than the establishments.

The radical Left and the radical Right have WAY more in common with each other than either of them do with "conservative" Dems, Reps, or whatever party.

They're BOTH invested in BELIEF and EMOTION, and EGO, FAR AND ABOVE actual data and information gathering SANS emotional attachment or power struggles.

They don't want the BEST solution, nor do they care about FREEDOM, liberty, and autonomy for all citizens, they want it THEIR WAY.