As If

Keep on walking as if
there is no dagger
buried in my heart
stabbing deeper
with every step I take

Keep on talking as if
there is no white hot pain
through the core of my being
with every word I speak

Keep on smiling as if
there is no rage
behind the flash of teeth,
showing fangs;
snarls look just like grins

Keep on motoring as if
there is no drive
to push the pedal to the floor
careening straight through
the wall
smashing bricks
into the nothing

Keep on laughing as if
I can take the burn
in stride
like it never hurt
like there was no fall
like it was all on purpose

Keep on partaking as if
I pleasure
in the ecstasy of taste
in the bliss of savor
in the company of strangers

Keep on working as if
my hands
are too full
to make a fist
and break the shining face
of the sky

Keep on breathing as if
there is any air left
in the world
at all

Keep on living as if
I am still alive
after this

Keep on acting as if
I still believe
in the Future
in Heaven
in Love
in Magic;

because I do.