Thank you.
Gratitude for pointing to my attitude,
I needed your help to find it.
These hidden corners of my heart hide all manner of nasties;
they must be swept from time to time.
The dark hallways of the mind are places for monsters to lurk;
please do shine your torch on them,
tell me where and who and how they are!
You have given my comings and goings much attention,
what of your own tasks have you put aside for me?
I am ever grateful for such thoughtful reflection,
and to think, all I expected from you was a warm cup of tea.
Dancing and singing to thee, dear friend,
I know that is what you wish for me:
to live a life free from worry and pain,
free from slander and glaring disdain.
I can see that you wish for me laughter and celebration,
infinite love, eternal elation!
Each tear in the parchment of my soul that you point out
for me to fix makes a lovelier message to send;
every open wound on my back that you salt
is a hole that hadn't healed, that I can now see to mend.
Tell me! Shout to the world!
Tell everyone of your supposition!
I am grateful for these calumnies.
Each aspersion is a step toward Heaven.
Thank you.