“The best friend will probably acquire the best wife, because a good marriage is founded on the talent for friendship”
Friedrich Nietzsche

Why should a man expect respect, loyalty or good nature from a woman to whom he does not show the respect, loyalty and good nature that he gives regularly to his other friends? It makes no sense to anyone who possesses a grain of logic. 

I ask the Lord and the Divine within myself
to remove all the earthbound, demon and other entities,
the dark shields, dark energies, dark devices and dark connections
from my body, aura, soul, and cord,
and also from my home, my workplace, my car, my places of recreation,
and everything in them and miles and miles around them.
I ask God and the Divine within myself
to locate and bring back my lost soul parts
and cleanse, heal and integrate them with the main body of my soul.
I ask the the Lord and the Divine within myself
to fill me and shield me with brilliant Divine Light,
and to plug all the holes and tunnels in me and my surroundings and my car.
I visualize a column of dazzling, shimmering, vibrant Divine Light
coming from above my head
filling my whole body,
cleansing and healing every part, every cell, and every organ of my body.
I visualize this Divine Light
spreading an arm’s length all around me
in every direction
creating a cocoon of Divine Light all around me.
I visualize this cocoon of Divine Light
being covered with reflective spiritual mirrors,
with the reflective mirror surface facing outwards.
I visualize this reflective cocoon
spreading Divine Light all around.
I visualize my home, workplace, car and places of recreation
being cleansed, filled and shielded by brilliant, white, liquid Light.
I ask the Divine within myself
to stay on guard around me and my surroundings
as long as my soul exists.
I pray for protection
of my family members, friends, co-workers and all the people I know
and their surroundings.
I ask the Lord and the Divine within myself
to cleanse, heal, balance
all my energy centers
when needed
and cover up and protect them when not needed.
I ask God and the Divine Light within myself
to cleanse, heal, shield and protect
all my channels of communication with the God, with the Divine Light.
prayer by Shakuntala Modi, M.D. amended