East Face

Blaze morning! Open my windows
from the vaperous caverns of sleep.
Deliver my name from the indigo canyon walk with dream horses
and shadow winds that whisper spirit words.
Burn away yesterday's dirge,
burn out the gloom corners from back rooms
filled with empty boxes,
useless coffins dry with dogma dust.
Sweet morning!
Incalescent on my cheek freshly turned from sins of the other,
still chill with last night's dewfall,
still chafed from last year's bitter cold.
Still stinging, but only in memory now,
fading as with the night,
soon to be forgotten in the yellow-fire horizon.
All is now and here, clean and newborn,
baptized in forgiveness.
Peaceful in stillness like new snow.
Gracious morning!
Evaporate these self inflictions,
illumine my feet so I don't misstep,
my hands so I don't injure,
my lips so my words land sweetly.
Let this be the new blazing day;
let the long, dark night diminish
until only half-remembered tales remain.