Leave me be~
I have but one life,
a dot on the map of time,
a jot in God's notebook.
I haven't the time to be your lamb.
Your mirror of lament.
Your target of blame.
You call my name not to join me
but to own me,
to use my back as a ledge to climb higher,

and then point to me for the cause
of your self inflicted shackles.
I don't have time;
there are too many paths to explore,
songs to sing, verses to write,
mountains to climb,
secrets to learn,
laughter to revel in.
You can not follow the map of my soul,
you do not know what secrets are in my heart.
I have no time to sit still for you
while you treat me as a mote in your eye;
you must look in the mirror and remove it yourself.
It was already there long before me.
My smile to you was not an invitation
to carry the burdens of your soul
while you point to me for their existence.
Leave me be if you refuse to see me clearly;
Set me free if you can not lift the veil of your past
when you look at me.

Or walk with me without shackles,
without judgment,

beside me, toward the golden horizon,
with liberty and light hearts.