To Tears With Drama Kings And Queens

Blow Off Masters And Mistresses

Rockstars And Divas

Macho Boys And Supermodel Girls

Supermodel Boys And Macho Girls

Oppositional Poseur Intellectuals

Anti-Racist Racists

Clueless Radicals

Religiously Fervent Frothing Anti-Religionists

Mighty Prophets Who Live On Ivory Mountaintops In Their Mind's Sky

Finger Pointers That Only Point Outward and Not Simultaneously Inward

Bored To Tears

If Someone Falls Help Them Up, Don't Stand There And Tell Them Why They Fell, Especially Since You Will Be Next. And You Can Hope That The One You Stood There Judging With Your Arms Folded Isn't The Only One Around To Help You Back Up.

When Someone Is Happy Be Happy For Them, With Them.
When Someone Says Something Or Writes Something, Listen, Read, Don't Automatically Oppose Them.
When Someone Is Kind Or Likes You, It Doesn't Mean That They Are Lesser Than You, But It Could Mean That They Are Kinder, Stronger, And More Understanding Than You.
When Someone Is Doing Something, Assume They CAN Do It And Can Do It Well, Don't LOOK For Them To "Need Your Help" (eye roll).
When Someone Asks For Help, Help Them, Don't Take Over As If You Are Some Kind Of Hero.
If Someone Is A Different Gender Than You, It Does Not Mean That They Don't "Get" What You "Get" (Get Over Yourself).
When Someone Asks You A Question, Just Answer The Question, Don't Give Them The History Of The World As If You Are A Great Sage And They Are An Idiot.
When Someone Loves You, You Are Lucky.

If You Are Taking This As A Personal Attack And You Feel Compelled To Defend Yourself,  
Note That Your Name Was Never Mentioned. You Are The One Identifying Yourself With This Statement.  This Is Directed At No One. But If You Feel Compelled To Identify Yourself As One Of The Above, By All Means You Are Welcome To Do So.

Please Have A Wonderful, Happy Day. Or Don't.